Steve's coming to Shelter Bay!

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PM Harper forest fire visit *no negativity*

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Prime Minister Stephen Harper made an ever so brief visit to the Shelter Cove fire lines Thursday afternoon.

In a controlled photo-op, the PM thanked the firefighters and first responders for their efforts on behalf of all Canadians.

He then pledged to start a federal-provincial dialogue with Premier Christy Clark and Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall once the fire season is over.

"When the dust settles, so to speak, on all of this, we are obviously going to sit down and assess what new or different needs to be done in the future. What needs to be done in terms of better co-ordination, resources, mitigation. We will look at all of those things," said Harper.

"There has been good co-operation among governments and agencies and, certainly, the federal government always stands ready to provide additional assistance, if that is necessary."

He then turned the proceedings over to Clark.

"I want to thank the prime minister for showing the leadership to come here and express the fact Canada is behind us and supporting us during this fire season, but also when the fire season is over. To think about how we can do things differently in recognition of the fact that this is not a one summer unlike anything else that is going to happen in the future," said Clark.

"This is something I think, sadly, we are going to see happen more often."

The premier also took a moment to again thank the men and women on the front lines.

"It is unbelievable the risk these men and women get to. I have been on the front lines with some of them ... imagine walking into that burning forest with a can of gas in one hand and an axe in the other to do a prescribed burn. That's what they do every day, and they do it to protect British Columbians."

I can appreciate him taking the time to come and actually see, smell, and be a part of our local fire.

For both Christy Clark & Steven Harper to be here at the same time talking about improving our future with forest fires, is absolutely a positive step that I for one appreciate very much.

Disclaimer: This is to be a positive thread only, please refrain from posting any sarcasm or negativity regarding personal opinions of Christy Clark or Steven Harper.
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Re: PM Harper forestfire visit *no negativity*

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I love em both.
Sure do love Rutland!!
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Re: PM Harper forestfire visit *no negativity*

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Re: PM Harper forestfire visit *no negativity*

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Swoop wrote:

That is just going to turn into a 'firestorm' (lol pun) of the typical Harper and Christy bashing that I for one am sick of seeing... and I have a sneaking suspicion I'm not alone. Minority, maybe, but not alone :)
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Re: PM Harper forestfire visit *no negativity*

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Their visits will change nothing but the number of votes.
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Re: PM Harper forestfire visit *no negativity*

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being discussed here!

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Re: PM Harper forestfire visit *no negativity*

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should have named it i love harper
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Re: Steve's coming to Shelter Bay!

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Duplicate topics merged.
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Re: Steve's coming to Shelter Bay!

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Now if only the Queen would show-up.

I love the Queen.

...and Bibi
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Re: Steve's coming to Shelter Bay!

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I heard that Bruce Willis is also coming to the Okanagan to shoot some video and photos for publicity for another disaster film that he's making about gigantic forest fires. You know, Bruce with some soot and sweat on his face, vowing to put out the fire. Plumes of smoke in the background.
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Re: Steve's coming to Shelter Bay!

Post by taradactyl »

Ok, so my friend Roy has been a water tender for the fire on Westside road since it started. Many of you may not be aware if this, but there is still a full time crew out there putting out hostpots and making sure that it doesn’t’ get out of hand again. There’s a crew from out of town, the Chilcotin Ravens, who worked day and night to put out the fire, who are big UFC fans. Today they phoned Boston Pizza on Dilworth and 97 to reserve seats for 18 for the fight tonight and were told that they couldn’t afford to lose seats to the public by reserving for them. Promotional opportunity aside…e.g. providing an evening of entertainment for the guys who just put out the fires…from an appreciation standpoint, you couldn’t reserve for these guys…c’mon!! *bleep*.

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