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Re: Rock Creek Wildfire

Post by Verminator »

I Think wrote:Not much on official channels this morning, not much smoke here, 30K east of the fire. Any one in Rock creek with local knowledge?

Not much information anywhere this morning other than the fire is still active, still at 2500 hectares and still 0% contained. There appears to be none of the explosive growth experienced yesterday, or any growth at all for that matter. If true, that has to a be good thing but to a non-expert like me a bit difficult to understand since I always thought an 'active' fire continually spreads in search of new fuel. I guess we'll see soon enough.
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Re: Rock Creek Wildfire

Post by trapp »

Am active fire can be 100 % contained. It is active because there is still fire within the boundaries. In this case there may be some relief from the showers that went through yesterday slowing the spread.
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Re: Rock Creek Wildfire

Post by Donald G »

Isn't there a little private logging mill right near the bridge at Rock Creek ?? Or is that gone now ??
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Re: Rock Creek Wildfire

Post by Nyan »


Couple more pictures:

These are not mine.
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Re: Rock Creek Wildfire

Post by Samsandana »

If anybody requires lodging for their pets and livestock please let me know. I'm at the base of Black Mountain heading into Kelowna. Also you can set up your trailers and even have a few rooms that might do for a family. Call Sarina or leaves message at 250.869.4471
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Re: Rock Creek Wildfire

Post by Always Sunny »

Donald G wrote:Isn't there a little private logging mill right near the bridge at Rock Creek ?? Or is that gone now ??

Right near the bridge? Do you mean closer to Westbridge or Rock Creek? The one nearer to Rock Creek has been closed for some time now. I'm drawing a blank on whether or not there is one close to the Westbridge bridge.
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Re: Rock Creek Wildfire

Post by crysmom »

Just saw a utility truck with telephone poles driving up highway 33 I'm crossing my fingers that's a good sign for those without power!
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Re: Rock Creek Wildfire

Post by George+ »

Pls advis if the fire has advanced up. Hwy 33 past Westbridge
And/or up the Christian Valley.
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Re: Rock Creek Wildfire

Post by crazymum » ... asp?ID=569

West of Rock Creek (N60584)

Last updated: Saturday, August 15, 2015 at 3:27 PM

Location: West of Rock Creek
• See approximate location of this wildfire on a Mapquest map.
• View an interactive map of all active Wildfires of Note.

Discovered: Thursday, August 13, 2015

Size: 3,750.0 hectares (estimated)

Status: Active
• 0% contained
With winds and smoke dissipating, this morning we were able to more accurately map the fire size. It�s currently an estimated 3,750 hectares.

The wildfire which started west of Rock Creek near Highway 3 is currently estimated at 2500 hectares in size.

There is a potential for thunderstorm activity and significant wind gusts through the region tonight which may increase fire behaviour and growth.

Interface: Interface Interface Fire
BC Wildfire Service crews are working with structural protection firefighters from throughout the region to protect life and property in the area.

Evacuation Order is in effect.

The Regional District of Kootenay Boundary has issued an Evacuation Order for 330 homes in the area and an additional Evacuation Alert. For more information on this Evacuation Order and Alert, please visit:
More information
This wildfire is uncontained and extremely dangerous and anyone entering the evacuation area will be putting themselves and firefighters at risk. This area contains multiple potential hazards, including active wildfire, "danger trees" (trees whose root systems have been weakened by fire activity), heavy equipment use and downed power lines.

Entering the evacuation area can delay firefighting activities, contribute to the growth of the fire and possibly put more values and people at risk. Safe fire suppression efforts depend on the support and understanding of the public.

Sections of Highway 3 and Highway 33 have been closed due to this incident. For more information on these closures, please visit: :

Cause: Under Investigation
The cause of this wildfire is under investigation, but it is suspected to be human-caused. All human-caused wildfires are preventable and unnecessarily divert firefighting resources from naturally occurring fires. The Southeast Fire Centre is urging everyone to be cautious when in the backcountry and refrain from any activities that may cause a wildfire.

• 100 firefighters
• 7 helicopters
• 14 heavy equipment
Firefighters, airtankers and helicopters are currently responding and additional resources and personnel are en route.

Map & Photos: There are no maps or photos available for this fire.

Links for more information about fires in general

EmergencyInfoBC Online source for emergency alerts about natural disasters and provider of public education and preparedness information.
DriveBC Road conditions and closures
BC Air Quality The Air Quality Health Index is a health protection tool that is designed to help you make decisions to protect your health by limiting short-term exposure to air pollution and adjusting your activity levels during increased levels of air pollution.
Interior Health During a forest fire, be aware of health risks associated with exposure to smoke, food safety in power outages, and water quality.
Recent articles for this fire

Public asked to avoid Rock Creek wildfire evacuation area Fire Centre Bulletin - 8/14/2015 7:57:00 PM
Fire cache age: 8/15/2015 3:46:27 PM - 87 of 300 seconds.
Link cache age: 8/15/2015 3:26:16 PM - 1298 of 1800 seconds.
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Re: Rock Creek Wildfire

Post by RTH »

At the road blockade in Beaverdel today, the fire chief told us Hwy 33, from Beaverdel south to Rock Creek will be closed for a few more days. Power poles are burnt from Westbridge, south along Hwy 33 for a few KM. and power lines are laying on the streets. They need to restore this before they open Hwy 33. Fire has progressed up the Christian Valley, at this time, there are fires as far up the CVR as 33Km.
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Re: Rock Creek Wildfire

Post by Silverstarqueen »

Rock Creek fire according to B.c. Wildfire Service is 3750 hectare. Global tv reports not much change since yesterday at 2500 hectare. There certainly seems to be a dearth of information on this one. Except reported many power poles down, so that hampers a lot of things, access, power etc.
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Re: Rock Creek Wildfire

Post by crysmom »

There seems to be very little info on this fire, but I did hear from a friend in beaverdell who was previously going to move her animals out and was requesting assistance to do so now feels they are pretty safe at this time. So there must be some improvements in fire activity
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Re: Rock Creek Wildfire

Post by Barney Google »

Just had a friend from Beaverdell stop in. They still have no power as was promised/reported. she said the fire is heading down towards Christian Valley and they too are not hearing anything. She said one day no one saw or heard any helicopters or planes. She's says many people there feel ike wine is more important than their properties. She also said some folks out there have generators but the cost of fuel is killing them. It's pretty upsetting to hear that these people aren't getting information. Understandably they are very very worried what's going on and feel like they have been forgotten.
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Re: Rock Creek Wildfire

Post by V-Rated »

Sad but seems to be true BG! I am having a hard time finding out much.
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Re: Rock Creek Wildfire

Post by BoB76 »

V-Rated wrote:Sad but seems to be true BG! I am having a hard time finding out much.

Everyone knows that Wine is more important than Hicksville. Temporary foreign workers would lose their jobs if vineyards burned and nobody in the boundrt works anyways. Simple math....
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