Okanagan Fire

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Okanagan Fire

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Given the severe drought conditions this summer and the obvious threat and reality of fires surrounding us in Kelowna I think that anyone impeding the fire fighting and rescue teams in any way should be fined harshly. Boaters in Okanagan lake need to take personal responsibility to be aware of restrictions and remain out of areas where water bombers are filling their tanks for their dumping runs. People flying drones impeding planes and helicopters should be fined and harshly. Ignorance to the regulations are no excuse for being in contravention to them. Boaters should have their boats confiscated and face fines in the thousands as should those flying drones.
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Re: Okanagan Fire

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Maybe it is time to close access to all outdoor off road areas to the general public. People are camping up mountain bush roads where ever there is a wide spot so they can go quading etc.

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