A food inspection crackdown on charity meals for homeless?

A food inspection crackdown on charity meals for homeless?

Postby totoramona » Oct 20th, 2018, 2:35 pm

I hope this election day will usher in a more thoughtful approach to managing the issue of homelessness in Penticton.
Brydon will no longer be an RDOS director (thankfully) and I sincerely hope Sentes won't either.
Suggesting the disingenuous use of an Interior Health protocol to disrupt the kind and charitable giving of food to hungry people is just plain cruel.
Sentes responded that the OSRHD’s hope is that the IHA will intervene to use the “safety of the food as a mechanism to get to the fact that it’s drawing people into our downtown core and creating an issue.”

“We’re trying to use food safety as an excuse to limit this,” added Brydon.
(Penticton Herald, Friday 19th)

This seems a continuation of Brydon's veiled targeting of homeless people, the first being his failed efforts to remove the deposits on cans and bottles, upon which so many homeless people depend.

These politicians are so uncaring. Attempting to use legislation meant to protect health as a tool to further victimize the downtrodden is just awful and they should both be removed from the Hospital Board, if not by the electorate, then by Interior Health.
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Re: A food inspection crackdown on charity meals for homeles

Postby twobits » Oct 20th, 2018, 7:20 pm

I have no love for either of those politicos but for lords sake, there are plenty of other places to offer up a meal to the needy than a corner of main street that we just spent millions to upgrade. Your charity is acknowledged but do you not understand other societal considerations such as people trying to attract business to their location to employ others and pay their rent and taxes?
Somehow, these people have been dismissed as well as their rights.
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