Summerland seniors care home

Summerland seniors care home

Postby RandyDandy » Dec 9th, 2018, 5:20 pm

This story has some frightening undercurrents related to executive director Cindy Kozak-Campbell and her inability at solving the staffing issues that exist at that facility. Residents are the ones being short changed but the story seems to be more about staff than residents. This is certainly not the first time this place has been in the news. Interior health? Over to you. This is your ball game. As an aging senior, do I want to go there and have to pay to be taken for a bath or lunch?
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Re: Summerland seniors care home

Postby Queen K » Dec 9th, 2018, 10:15 pm

Staffing issues?

I'm sorry but there is an insane shortage of care aides in Southern Okanagan as there is here. No sooner than IH hires, people quit or get themselves fired or something else happens. We are an aging work force and more goes wrong after a certain age.

I can't speak to the woman in question but people looking for work who aren't dictating when they'll work are becoming more common, gone are the days when gratefulness for any work is reality.

Also, the cost of getting a care aide certificate is way out of line for the realities of the short hours and low non-cost of living wages, despite the shortage of qualified people.

Sorry but staffing is a huge issue no matter where you are in the valley and Summerland is no different.
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