Pricier vacation permits

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Re: Pricier vacation permits

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cv23 wrote: Oct 14th, 2021, 4:33 pm The amount of STR condos is astronomical and account for the vast majority of condos which have been built in the last decade.
Define "astronomical", relative to LTRs.
The number one selling feature in new condos developments is that STR's are permitted and there is absolutely no shortage of buyers for these units.
That's simply not true. There are actually very few new developments which allow STRs. Some do, but it's usually limited to a small percentage of units within a building.
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Re: Pricier vacation permits

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This is true. Most developments now have strict restrictions on rentals. They encompass short term vacay......which is usually prohibited, snowbird sort term (4-6 month), and immediate family rental.
Gasligting that the vast majority of Condo's are purchased for vacation rentals is simply not true.
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