Would you cast a vote for/against a one-issue candidate?

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Would you cast a vote for/against a one-issue candidate?

Post by Hermes »

Name your issue: economic, social, environmental, whatever. Not three issues, not two. ONE.

Possible 'one-issues'. These are just ones that come to mind for me, you undoubtedly have other different ones...

1. Muslim immigration (e.g. stop versus open door wider) current policy is 'open door', yes?
2. Cannabis (e.g. legalize and tax vs. enforce law) The default is non-enforcement/decriminalization isn't it?
3. Monetary supply (e.g.gold standard vs. going into debt even more) current policy is Bank of Canada borrowing from private banks at interest
4. Military (e.g. bring all foreign troops home vs. attack ISIL) current policy being what I don't know
5. Welfare rates (e.g. stop entirely vs. increase) current policy is sub-poverty level income
6. income tax (e.g. flat vs. no income tax, sales and import taxes instead) current policy is graduated income tax
7. Fill-in-the-blanks policy

In short, do you feel so strongly about one issue that you would vote for a candidate (provincially or federally), whose other policies you do not know or maybe not even support, the candidate has little or no experience politically, but is 100% committed to that one issue.
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Re: Would you cast a vote for/against a one-issue candidate?

Post by Glacier »

That's a really hard question to ask. I mean, I would never vote for a guy who was promising to gas all the Jews, but then again, if the other candidate was promising to do that and more, I might vote for the less or two evils.

But you're talking about actual normal issues that are legal. Well, the short answer is 'no.'
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Re: Would you cast a vote for/against a one-issue candidate?

Post by fluffy »

I don't think so. I can't think of any one issue that carries enough importance to ignore all others.
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