Libs a no show at forum

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Re: Libs a no show at forum

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As long as they keep the economy going as it is they can sit one day for all I care.
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Re: Libs a no show at forum

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These all candidate forums should be considered job interviews, if a political candidate can't bother showing up for a job interview, how badly does he or she want the job???
Periods of cooperation between political parties shouldn't be taken for granted; they are a stunning human achievement ~ Paul Bloom
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Re: Libs a no show at forum

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BeingHuman wrote:If BC Liberal candidates, across BC won't bother showing up to all candidate forums, how badly do they want to get elected, or re-elected?

If the NDP can't be bothered to present a platform that isn't a complete dumpster fire, how badly do they want to be elected?
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