Making stuff up again .

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Re: Making stuff up again .

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It's crystal clear that the NDP'ers on here don't think their party can win on the issues and so they just keep throwing out words like "corruption" all the time. And they post lists of why people shouldn't vote Liberal and the lists contain things like Gordon Campbell's drunk driving case from 2003 or Christy Clark stopping at a red light in the early morning hours and then proceeding.

The main part of the NDP strategy is the "I hate Christy Clark" component. We see it from the NDP posters on here and we've seen it from John Horgan as well: "How about if I just sit here and watch you because I know you like that." When the province has the #1 economy in the country, and when NDP'ers know that the economy and jobs are on the top of people's minds, the strategy is to deflect and to promote an "I hate her" mentality.

Will the NDP strategy work? Maybe. People are ready for change but they may not be ready for the kind of change that the NDP is proposing. We'll find out on May 9th.
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Re: Making stuff up again .

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Well said Urbane.
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