Chiefs say ABC...anyone but Christy

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Re: Chiefs say ABC...anyone but Christy

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Queen K wrote:
So the Greens have a real platform and an ability to run the Province without getting into worse trouble than any other BC Party political body has?

No, no they don't. Not at all. But I know some people can't get past their emotions and think logically, and so they will be unable to vote BC Liberal. For those people I say that they should at least vote Green, and do something positive with their vote, instead of dumping into a black hole of evil by voting NDP.
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Re: Chiefs say ABC...anyone but Christy

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:crazy: more vote splitting. You and Gone Fishing and Rwede are all in on it.
I know it.

What if the Liberals become a minority government? What if? Then what? What's the back up plan? Is there a back up plan?
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