NDP campaign hung up, spinning wheels

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Re: NDP campaign hung up, spinning wheels

Post by Drip_Torch »

The Green Barbarian wrote:
Drip_Torch wrote:
Hey GB, any chance you'll be volunteering tomorrow? I need a ride to the polls, and your party appears to have lots of gas in the tank.

Sure. Can you tell me who this Cannings guy is, and why he would inflict the horror of the idiot Adrian Dix on Penticton?

Sure, we'll talk about it tomorrow when you swing by in the party van to give me a lift. Thanks for that... really appreciate it. You know how it is, with Weaver doing so much to make Orange the new Green - I can't really show up in the coal burner.

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Re: NDP campaign hung up, spinning wheels

Post by fall »

Give him a break, he's not the only one lol.

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Re: NDP campaign hung up, spinning wheels

Post by Rwede »

Yep, looks like a bad omen for Angry John Horgan.

His campaign failed to get the required traction.

Stuck in the 1990s.

Time for Angry John and the NDP to hop in that bus (if they ever get it going) and find their way to a place that accepts their stupid ideas. How about Venezuela? Horgan's Leap Manifesto might get some traction there.
"I don't even disagree with the bulk of what's in the Leap Manifesto. I'll put forward my Leap Manifesto in the next election." - John Horgan, 2017.

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