After the Election

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After the Election

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What it might look like after the election..

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Re: After the Election

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I see trees of green,
All cut down,
Clearcuts everywhere...and I think to myself, I hope tree planting is still a "thing."


After the election what will the neo-cons do?

Trudeau is still in Ottawa.
Donald Trump is still POTUS.
And the sheer and pure torture of a BC election will be over. Laid to rest? Done like dinner?

So then what? Is Gone Fishing really going to go fishing? Is Rwede going to trade his gun for a camera? Will GB pour me CR anymore? And what about Urbane? Resume teaching? Leifer, what next? I wonder what's next for the neo-conservatives of Castanet. Did I miss anyone? Fill us in. What the do you all plan to do? :135:
If Putin stopped, he'd be saving Russian lives as well. Never thought the right would have a field day but June 24/2022 it is.

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