Who is the idiot who didn't see this coming?

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Re: Who is the idiot who didn't see this coming?

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Graham Adder wrote:....HUGE kudos to the Gate Keeper, Shaun Reimer for doing a fantastic job. I do not think for a moment this man would have made the decisions months ago that he did had he known what an unusual spring we were facing....Weather is far from a perfect science. This we all know. A slight variance of weather patterns in mountainous terrain creates huge changes in weather.

The Province balances upstream flooding vs downstream water shortages by altering the natural lake level via Penticton's flood gates. Their method requires estimating next years inflow into Okanagan Lake months in advance. This isn't science, it's more like the Marx Bros. playing craps. Yes, run by idiots and here is the evidence... Kim Hyatt, a co-author of the program used to manage Okangan Lake levels recently replied to my email...


"...10-day forecasts are often barely useable and certainly are not reliable)."

There are alternatives to using suspect weather forecast data yet no professional risk assessment has ever been performed. The risks of both flooding and water shortfalls could have been eliminated with professional help by installing a pumping system to supplement downstream water volumes. The gates could then be welded open at 400 mm below normal February levels, eliminating all risks of upstream flooding while guaranteeing downstream users seasonal needs!

Siphon system: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OjBSj2fLU-Y

The Province has a duty of care to save harmless property Owners from their deliberate actions. To operate the system for decades without initiating a professional risk assessment was irresponsible to say the least (Negligence).

I'm collecting names for a class action suit against the Province for damages (erosion, docks, water systems, boat lifts, landscaping, access, etc. that are not covered by normal homeowner insurance) resulting from their negligence. If you were financially damaged by the flooding, I want to hear from you: http://www.ok1st.com/

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