Sandbagging thread.

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Re: Sandbagging thread.

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The city has been dumping sandbags on beaches as well . Who cares I think it's a great use for the sand
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Re: Sandbagging thread.

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dasandman wrote:Just wondering why Manteo Beach Resort is dumping their sandbags on the beach, when everyone has been told not too. They were dumping today.

Lots of sandbags never saw "action" they were there as a precautionary measure. It's possible those are the ones they are dumping. I saw a lot of sand bags ready for the "big event" that never came.
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Re: Sandbagging thread.

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What I find interesting is the 'free sandbag service' provided by the local government. I'd like some of that at my place
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Re: Sandbagging thread.

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Try asking the crews...
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