Things are dire in Lake Country

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Things are dire in Lake Country

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Was out helping sandbag all evening yesterday. I don't think media/news shows the true scope of flooding and concerns.

At one point, an older/elderly gentleman walks in and asks if he can have some of the empty bags. I'd just picked up 2000 of them from the firehall and was happy to give him a few hundred. Wasn't until he was walking away that I realized:
- He was physically exhausted and barely able to stand.
- He was absolutely filthy from head to toe.
- He was working alone.

We managed to round up a couple of people to help him out, but at that point it was already nearly 9pm and I had my 4yo and 6yo with me (well past their bedtimes). When we rolled out, they were struggling to find a way to transport filled bags to his home. Meanwhile, I was loading my kids into a full sized truck with an empty box. Killed me to drive away like that.

The problem in LC is that there's nowhere for the water from Vernon creek to go. It drains into Duck/Ellison lake. That lake is now at record high levels with no outflow. Flooding from that lake is causing as much concern as the creek. And as the lake rises, it slows the creek feeding it (mostly flat terrain). Essentially, every inch the lake rises means another inch the creek rises in addition to the rising levels from snowmelt/rainwater. If this continues, eventually Duck/Ellison and Wood lake will become 1 single lake (hence why almost all homes on Valley bottom are now on evac alert).

650 homes now flooded or threatened and need to be protected, 1000's of people impacted. Please consider lending a hand. Just head to LC and take a trip down lodge road. You'll see crews, you'll see signs, you'll see piles of sand with empty bags, etc. Lots that can be done to help that doesn't involve sandbagging.

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