Birds eye view of flooding

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Birds eye view of flooding

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Re: Birds eye view of flooding

Post by Farmmaa »

ferri wrote:

If you turn the sound off so that you don't have to listen to it - it contains some great footage...perhaps it will give some people a little perspective that the flooding is very real and not a media and political concoction.
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Re: Birds eye view of flooding

Post by Fancy »

Every creek I passed today was running at full steam. The debris up and down the lake will be a problem for boaters and there is more to come.
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Re: Birds eye view of flooding

Post by Graham Adder »

The flooding is bad. Yes.
It's not as bad as some would like to dramatize.
Flatlanders would laugh at the drama created by some here.

In another thread. someone with some deeper knowledge on these things casts some insight on how this is NOT going to be the great disaster our embarrassment of a mayor would have us believe, and they get slammed and told they should be ashamed. It'd disgusting to see how some would make this into a widespread tragedy, when it is far from that.

There is a broader flood zone than I've seen here in 24 years. There are some people that could have used some help when things started to go sideways. It';s too bad we as a community were not more interested in getting as organized as possible immediately, rather than spend time and energy on here creating a storm that wasn't to be.

It will be GREAT for some time to come to know that we won't have to deal with Rex, or any of his OilBuds blasting their stupid-loud boats up and down the lake. I LOVE the idea of having an extension to the peace and quiet that only cold weather brings to this valley's lake shores.
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Re: Birds eye view of flooding

Post by Queen K »

I was down at Rotary Beach the other day and am astounded by the cumulation of driftwood, from tiny to huge logs.

I was able to score some nice "yard art" pieces and bird perches of what looks like highly polished curly willow trees.

A guy down there said that people are coming to get driftwood like mad, only there was still so much it was hard to believe.
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Re: Birds eye view of flooding

Post by WalterWhite »

Castanet - if you're going to have a helicopter available for aerial recon - please send an actual videographer up - not just someone with an iPhone. What an absolutely terrible video report. ... htm#197770

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