100 homes threatened

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100 homes threatened

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https://www.castanet.net/news/Vernon/19 ... threatened

Louis is also keeping an eye on what is happening in the South Okanagan.

He said the amount of water let out of Okanagan Lake in the South Okanagan impacts the North Okanagan.

“It's affected by the Similkameen River that can act like a dam on the lower Okanagan and it can start backing water up into Osoyoos Lake and if that happens it's going to have a chain reaction all the way up the Valley. The river in Washington State can only hold so much water, so we could be in this all through June,” said Louis.

This part made me think of the flood of 1972. Osoyoos Lake drains into the Okanogan River, the Okanogan and Similkameen Rivers join just south of Oroville. The Similkameen was running so fast and full in '72 that when it hit the Okanogan the Okanogan River started running backwards and going back into Osoyoos Lake. :200:
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