In dire need of help

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In dire need of help

Post by ferri »

Melissa Frost is in desperate need of sand and some extra help.

Frost is staying with her 86-year-old grandfather and her boyfriend Mike Holloway at her grandfather's home near Newport Beach on Westside Road.

“Right now, we're in dire need of sand. We can't find any pits that are open. We have enough left for about 100 bags. We've already used about 3,000 bags and my granddad figures we need another 3,000,” she said Saturday.

As Okanagan Lake rose, the family took steps to protect the home her grandfather has lived in for 45 years, but then the winds came.

Tuesday's wind storm kicked up waves that wreaked havoc on the wall of sandbags they had in place, causing the water to flow past the barricade.

“It was coming right up over our deck and into our house. We sandbagged the sliding door,” she said. “It damaged the existing sandbags. We had to go back under and redo the house; that was the first thing we did. But now we have to work on the beach because if we don't, it will get under the house.”

The home is on OKIB land and Frost said the band was helping out “but their truck broke down and they can't get us any more sand. Right now need more sand and people to help fill sandbags.”

Frost is in a race against time as Okanagan Lake is expected rise between 10-15 more centimetres this week.

Anyone able to help Frost and her family can call her at 519-755-1118. ... htm#198074
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Re: In dire need of help

Post by Graham Adder »

That's a lot of sandbags needed.
I can only take about 20-30 filled bags at a time. It's a long drive from here to there to drop the bags off. Not productive enough at this distance. I'm wishing I could help effectively.
Using small scale aid would require 100 vehicles like mine to do a trip each, and we have yet to place manpower to do the backbreaking placing of the bags..
This is a bigger operation than I can handle.
Are there any groups in place to lend aid to this home owner?
Any pit owners and/or dump trucks that can offer a hand getting a good amount of sand to location?
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Re: In dire need of help

Post by 60-YEARS-in-Ktown »

DB do you know of anyone with a small dump truck or access to sand?
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Re: In dire need of help

Post by whitecandle »

Scott Contracting is giving large totes of approx. 1000lb bags each of sand to any flood victims that need them, first come first served. Pick up only so bring your truck cause they are extremely heavy, we will load them. Please call for appointment, no texting. ... d/3086120/
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Re: In dire need of help

Post by rubydoo »

We are also on westside Rd . Already have done 1000 sandbags ourselves. We have also helped sandbag the creek. OKIB works yard has sand, bags etc. We were there today! We have been there for 35 yrs. Our neighbours have 2+ inches inside their cabins. We are making the best of the situation. To have 1 individual residence to be asking for help is ridiculous. We have insurance on dock, boat lift etc which will not be covered by waves, high water etc. We need to try and get some funding for everyone, not as individuals.

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