Shoreline Eco-systems

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Re: Shoreline Eco-systems

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Temet Nosce wrote:Great post....may serve to educate others who have the narrow minded focus on 'wealthy property owners'. And....Happy Birthday Queen K :130:

You assume all "waterfront property" Owner's are "wealthy" who is being narrow minded? They pay more taxes for the right to legally have a glass of wine at the about you?...ever imbibe at an Okanagan beach? legally?
I also see all 5 of your posts on Lakeshore Walls have been removed. :sosorry:

The Province controls the lake level and is therefore responsible for damages stemming from their actions. Their data collection method that determines projected lake levels is flawed and they knew it. I have an email from one of the co-authors of the program used stating this...


Shawn Reimer, the Provincial man in charge, called it a crap shoot. He also stated flooding of the lake was preferable to flooding the river. Maybe a tally of what the lake flooding actually cost, including public damages, is in order?

Infrastructure that would eliminate flooding and satisfy downstream irrigation needs has never even been entertained yet millions are spent annually to maintain and improve the Oliver Canal irrigation system. This is a 'lack of duty of care' on the part of the Province! They are fully compensating Provincial entities and Municipalities for flood damages such as erosion and wharves yet damages to private property erosion and wharves are being summarily refused. What possible logic allows this?

I'm collecting names of those who have directly and indirectly suffered damages (loss of income, private property erosion, wharves, pumping systems, etc.) for the purposes of a class action suit (see post: )
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Re: Shoreline Eco-systems

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Do not include me in the "you" please. I fully understand the difference between wealth on paper and in fact.
If Putin stopped, he'd be saving Russian lives as well. Never thought the right would have a field day but June 24/2022 it is.

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