Shoreline Loss Report / development of OK Lake

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Shoreline Loss Report / development of OK Lake

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It seems the provincial government has issued an update to the Shoreline Foreshore Inventory, compiled Spring of 2016, and has decided that our shoreline had lost ~1.4% in five years... "forever" due to development by property owners... so docks, walls etc.

This is a hilariously ill-timed moment to be 'beating the drums of shoreline conservation'. UPDATE to the ministry... fully 100% of the shoreline has been permanently destroyed and irreversibly altered due to the flood... caused by YOUR agents and poor decision making process.

The portrayal of shore-front property owners as villains of destruction and all that is evil is tired, old, outdated and inaccurate. Those who own property on the lake stand to lose the most - out of everyone - if that lake is irrevocably changed for the worse. They, in most cases, are the ones most passionate about its conservation. There are many flaws in this report which is, sadly, written in a tone of opinion - this is not a scientific communication. This document misinforms the public about the severity of development on the foreshore and creates a politically divisive rift in the stakeholders who are equally concerned about conservation of the lake.

From your own numbers, 1.42% was "lost" from 2009-16.... 0.28% per year - really, this is concerning to who, exactly? This number means nothing and development is not the problem the future of this lake faces.

When projections 40-150+ years are required to arrive at exaggerated doomsday scenarios you obviously miss the point completely. A few docks and retaining walls do not matter on this time scale. What matters is non-native species (shimp, mollusks), management of the lake levels and mitigation plans for ongoing climate change.

Let's stop bickering about who likes, or deserves, to use the lake more (shorefront owners vs everyone else). Don't take this bait and let's start working together on the real problems. Let's start with accountability for the flood of 2017 and go from there. The lake has been altered for generations to come because of this neglect. The group responsible for this flood are the real villains - NOT those who build a dock on the foreshore.

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