More to fight Lumby wildfire

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More to fight Lumby wildfire

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Re: More to fight Lumby wildfire

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Seems to be about that time again!


Date of discovery: 00:00:00 05/23/2017
Suspected Cause:
Approximate Location: Cooper Road
Estimated Size: 8.5 HA
Fire Status: Fire of Note
Fire of Note Page: Cooper Road ... 2955244847
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Re: More to fight Lumby wildfire

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Cause is suspected to be high school wood lot users.
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Re: More to fight Lumby wildfire

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If it's burning away from structures, let it burn.

The forest and animals need some good burns to restore lost habitat that has been destroyed with decades of fire suppression.
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Re: More to fight Lumby wildfire

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Agreed. Suppression leading to hotter more destructive fires has been a problem for some time now.
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