Fort Mac brings supplies....

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Fort Mac brings supplies....

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I LOVE THESE STORIES! I don't think any of the cities they are bringing them to should be saying "stop"...nothing they are bringing is perishable. If you don't have time, or the volunteer base at the ESS centers to deal with the gift right now, somebody somewhere will have a warehouse I'm sure they will volunteer to store it til it is needed - which it will be in short order! And I'm sure volunteers will help off-load the goodies.

Don't ask them to stop sending/bringing their gives of love from Fort Mac - don't you understand THEY HAVE TO. They went through hell themselves, they KNOW what was missing when they were evacuees, and it is VERY THERAPEUTIC for them to know they are opening their wallets and their hearts to help others going through that same hell. Don't take that away from them. You can read your procedures manuals all you want and try to maintain orderly process but these are extreme circumstances and I think we need to accept help - especially from those who have been through the exact thing and know what was missing when they were evacuees.

BC is a living fireball right now and nobody has a freaking clue which way is up so IMHO we can't stick so closely to the "rules" or "protocols" for accepting donations. Everyone involved in the Emergency end of things is overwhelmed, as are the evacuees. Take a deep breathe and just accept the help as it is offered.

Sometimes red tape just gets in the way of common sense and we don't have time for that right now. Stash the stuff - send it where it's needed, when it's needed, but don't say to them "stop".

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