We need one of these!

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We need one of these!

Post by Bsuds »

How about one of these instead of the one from Coulson.

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Re: We need one of these!

Post by WalterWhite »

Certainly delivers a massive payload, but would be interesting to know the cost of a single drop from this comparatively to current aircraft working for BC Forestry. I do know the larger craft have increased difficulty with the local terrain. One would also think the time it takes for the fixed wing retardant drops serviced out of a Penticton/Kamloops depot would be faster even with multiple trips required to match the volume of the 747 which I think would have to land at YVR as it's the only airport capable of landing/takeoff of a loaded 747 in BC.
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Re: We need one of these!

Post by pentona »

I would much rather see BC get some CL-415's or Skimmers that scoop from the lakes and drop water; the sheer number of trips that they can make (if close to water, that is) would be far more than having to go back to the airport at Kamloops or Penticton to fill up with retardent. Surprised that Conair doesn't have any CL's; only the skimmers.

I believe there are skimmers stationed at Kamloops that can be moved around to the various places in the Interior where needed. I think that the retardent bombers such as the Convair and Electras are mainly used to surround and try to contain the fire; not bomb the hot spots.

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