Controlled Fire Burns....

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Controlled Fire Burns....

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Re: More bear complaints...(I'm getting to fires with this I promise :smt045 !)

On another topic re the bear complaints,when I suggested some of the uptick in bear complaints could be because they are getting chased from their habitat by the fires, I think Gone Fishin's reply sounds about right....I know that there are countries, in Europe for example, that do controlled burns for that very reason (to spur regrowth) in addition to the obvious of getting rid of the unspent fuel before it becomes a huge issue - like we have now.

I was unaware of the numbers regarding the forested area vs what's burned - in those terms the burned area doesn't seem so big, but when you are looking at a map of BC it looks like 3/4 of it is on fire! From a personal, human level even one hectare burned is too much if your house happens to be situated on it, or you lose your cattle, or other livelihood.

I know controlled burns have been in the news lately what with what happened in the Cariboo by Clinton with that controlled burn going awry, but I wonder if our forestry does controlled burns in the spring on a regular basis and if not, why not? Does seem to be a way to be pro-active rather than re-active I'm darn sure it would be a big bunch cheaper!

Does anyone have any intel on whether we do controlled burns before fire season?
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Re: Controlled Fire Burns....

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The idjits who think the burned forests are causing bear encounters think that 1 million acres of forest going up in smoke in the Chilcotin where there have been very few bear encounters is causing the increased number of bear encounters in the Okanagan and Lower Mainland where there have been very few fires.
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