Fire at Conklin Lake (westbridge)

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Fire at Conklin Lake (westbridge)

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BC wildfire service is reporting a small fire about 1km from the campground at Conklin Lake. Have friends at the campground all packed and ready to leave.

Fire Number: N62040
Date of Discovery 2017-9-3
Suspected Cause
Approximate Location Conkle Lake
Estimated Size (HA) 0.01
Stage of Control New
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Re: Fire at Conklin Lake (westbridge)

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For those who do not know, Conkle Lake Prov, Park is amazing. The lake has a gorgeous beach, wonderful camp sites and is accessed via one of two routes, one being more difficult to use than the other, I've driven both.

That there is yet another fire in the province now threatening to destroy this area is heartbreaking.

I have to keep reminding myself that in every fire, there are winners and losers. The natural ecosystem needs fires right? Please remind us again, Rwede or GF or someone with a firm grasp on the fire cycle.

Drip_Torch? What have you got to offer on this fire? Anything on any maps yet? Glace?
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Re: Fire at Conklin Lake (westbridge)

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It's spelt Conkle lake and it's at .60 of a hectare.....and human caused. No surprise there. An absolutely beautiful Provincial park and surrounding forest. Hope it's safe.

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