Yates Road Fire Cause

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Re: Yates Road Fire Cause

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Re: Yates Road Fire Cause

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Re: Yates Road Fire Cause

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So not sure I agree with not charging the parents for the cost or part cost of putting out the fire the kids set BUT several years ago 2 YLW fire fighters intentionally set a fire to clear brush on their property on Moberly Lane in Lake Country. That fire, set during a summer fire ban, got away from them and torched about 1/2 ha. The cost to tax payers for local and BC fire fighters was around $30,000. This was all hushed up of course because these 2 “adults” were part of the club. $30,000 folks that we paid because these 2 guys figured they could handle it rather that take the brush to the dump. That’s just dumb!
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Re: Yates Road Fire Cause

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Today there was an article on Castanet under the heading "Accountability on Fire", that references the Yates Road fire in the context of parental responsibilities. There question is presented as to whether parents should/could be held [in some way] responsible for the actions of their kids when they do things such as start fires that cause immense property damage. It was further suggested that the prospect of being held accountable, either financially or criminally, for the actions of offspring might cause parents to be more diligent in their supervision. Of course there will always be those who debate the merits of this position. IMHO, it is the very fact that children lack the cognizant development to really understand the consequences of their actions, that requires parents to constantly teach and supervise their kids. Kids have probably been lighting fires since matches and lighters came into existence. We know that if they are not taught otherwise and if there is not sufficient supervision of their activities, the likelihood or risk of them doing such a dumb thing is much greater. Is there parental responsibility in these incidents... you bet? Should they be held civilly or criminally accountable for their kids actions? That is and will be debatable far into the future. There are so many variables at play. Our firefighters go into the schools and talk to kids about home safety and fire, fire prevention and escape plans in respect to their homes. If it is not already occurring, perhaps there is a need for the same kind of thing to be done, with a focus on wildfires.

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