South of Green lake. Cariboo

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South of Green lake. Cariboo

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Big fire here right now. Hwy 97. People stopped on side of road taking pictures

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Re: South of Green lake. Cariboo

Post by bperon »

Is this a new fire?

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Re: South of Green lake. Cariboo

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OH NO, Tsayta, you were supposed to be fishing and relaxing --- instead..................... :-X
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Re: South of Green lake. Cariboo

Post by Glacier »

When I came through there earlier in the week it was all smoky, but when my in-laws came through the next day they saw the same as you. Both sides of highway 97.

Anyway, speaking of Cariboo fires, remember that big azz 540,000 hectare Plateau Fire from last year? Well, basically, everything left west of Quesnel... actually more like Nazko... is burning this year.... ... htm#233672
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