Telus sues Shaw over ads

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Telus sues Shaw over ads

Postby kelownman » Jun 11th, 2020, 2:34 pm

This should be an interesting case to watch. Is it fibre or fake fibre? Telus is most likely correct in that fibre+ is not the same as fibre to the home. Is fibre+ simply a marketing ploy and does not imply it is fibre to the home? Hmmmmmm...

But Telus’ suit, filed in B.C. Supreme Court on June 10, takes issue with the marketing campaign’s alleged efforts to cast Fibre+ as a Fibre-to-the-Home (FTTH) offering.

Instead, the Vancouver company says Shaw’s Fibre+ is just a rebranded version of its previous Data Over Cable Service Interface Specification — or DOCSIS — service.

The concern, according to Telus, is that FTTH (commonly referred to as fibre within the industry) is a superior product to the “lower-performance coaxial cable” that connects Shaw customers to its existing DOCSIS service.

The DOCSIS infrastructure uses nodes that can be connected to the internet using fibre optic cable.

But Telus describes this as a “last mile” connection and not representative of a true fibre optic service.

The suit states customers who have access to FTTH get higher speeds and fewer outages than those relying on DOCSIS, adding Shaw’s claims are “false and materially misleading.” ... rtisements

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Re: Telus sues Shaw over ads

Postby TylerM4 » Jun 11th, 2020, 2:55 pm

Sounds like they have a case.

Shaw has taken an existing service and re-branded it as a fiber service. Not only that, they've branded it such that it appears to be "better than regular fiber" when the reality is the exact opposite.

From what I can see this reeks of "Shaw loosing market share due to Telus coming out with a new and superior service - so they've taken an existing service, re-branded it to seem like the same service as Telus except better".

Telus has invested many millions of dollars in BC to bring in this new fiber service. There is no doubt it's a superior service to Shaw's and they should profit from that investment leading to a superior product. Shaw would probably have gotten away with calling it Fiber- or part-fiber, semi-fiber, etc - but they stepped over the line when they choose to attempt to fool the public and market/imply it's a superior service.

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Re: Telus sues Shaw over ads

Postby bb49 » Jun 11th, 2020, 3:21 pm

This sounds like Shaw either can't afford to or is to cheap to put in the real fibre for their customers.
So, does Shaw have the real fibre anywhere?
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Re: Telus sues Shaw over ads

Postby NotLogical » Jun 11th, 2020, 8:53 pm

The heart of the matter here is the truth of advertising. Neither company is completely innocent, or completely transparent in their advertising styles.

A couple of years ago, Telus started running ads about their “Pure FIbre” product. They even came door-to-door in my neighbourhood to sign-up potential customers. When asked about details, they fessed up that they don’t actually have fibre in this area “yet” - but it was coming soon! We are two years later, and still nothing. I literally just went onto their area coverage tool, and they don’t have this area covered.

So, what were they selling, really? They were selling “ye ole’ VDSL” which is as old as dirt. And, depending on line conditions, it can be a terrible product, too. They are offering “up to” 150 Mbps downstream, and “up to” 30 Mbps upstream. In previous experience, “up to” tends to be the design spec of the network, when totally unloaded, and perfect line conditions.

Friends of mine who have said package, never see these kinds of performance speeds. And, if you have Telus TV, which also utilizes that bandwidth, turn on 2 TVs to different channels, and you’ve reduced your downstream by 2/3rds.

As it turns out, the Shaw network has fibre quite deep into the network Once upon a time, it was copper for miles and miles. But, as the needs to stuff more services (video and data) onto the same wire increased, the network was converted into more and more fibre. In some areas, fibre goes to more than 95% of the way. In older areas, is is more like ~75%. This provides a lot more reliability, and possible bandwidth.

I am curious how this all pans out as well!
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Re: Telus sues Shaw over ads

Postby JagXKR » Jun 11th, 2020, 9:42 pm

Penticton was "Fiberized" a couple/few years ago. I have the 300/300 and my up speed is usually higher than my down. Coax and any DSL cannot do that.
As for the speed, I regularly get over 200Mbps but since Wuhan I rarely get more than that. Everyone in this city is on the web and the "pipe" out of town can't handle all the extra traffic. :-X
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Re: Telus sues Shaw over ads

Postby Urban Cowboy » Jun 12th, 2020, 7:16 am

Far as I'm concerned Telus should tread lightly as I can think of some reasons why Shaw could easily sue them.

Neither is squeaky clean truth be told, as evidenced by Telus technicians who were too lazy to run their own wire when they brought fibre into this place, so they opted to use the existing Shaw cable to pull their line through the pipe, and tossed Shaw's cable. If it's ever decided to switch to Shaw again, I'm sure they won't be too happy with the removal of their line. :-X
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Re: Telus sues Shaw over ads

Postby TylerM4 » Jun 12th, 2020, 1:22 pm

Lol. Both companies suck. That's not what's being discussed tho.

NotLogical: The service telus is selling you is not marketed/called fiber. I know they came to your neighborhood to "sell you a fiber service when it was ready" but that didn't actually happen did it?

Urban Cowboy: You give both companies too much credit. Shaw will have no record of "their line" and ownership once it leaves to pole is a pretty grey area. Order Shaw service again, the techs will simply pull a new cable without even thinking it odd. Perhaps they'd use the telus fiber to do that, especially if the conduit is too crowded.

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