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Jacob Henry
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Gaming laptop

Post by Jacob Henry »

Hi all! I'm new to this forum. How are you all? I'm planning to purchase a gaming laptop soon. Could you please suggest to me the top gaming laptop to purchase?
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Re: Gaming laptop

Post by kelownman »

Top gaming laptop.... depends on your budget level.
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Re: Gaming laptop

Post by Bsuds »

Google is your friend and knows more than posters on a forum
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Re: Gaming laptop

Post by Jlabute »

If there was no budget constraint as you did mention you wanted a 'top' machine, I would consider a laptop with a late generation video card starting at an RTX30xx with sufficient screen real-estate.

As an example: ... 7VDeYd4Wei
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Re: Gaming laptop

Post by TylerM4 »

Does it have to be a laptop?

Gaming and laptop really don't go well together. It's like trying to find a car that can tow a trailer. At the end of the day, it's not a great car(large and hard to park, poor fuel economy, rides rough, etc.) nor does it do a great job of pulling a trailer.

If a desktop simply won't work for you - I honestly believe you're better off to buy both. A basic laptop for when you need to be mobile and a desktop for gaming. Total cost won't be much different.

If it has to be a laptop: I tend not to recommend certain models or brands. Every manufacturer has their good models and their bad models and it's not until they've been out for a couple of years (and production has stopped) before you know if it's a good vs bad model. Instead, I recommend you focus on specifications while staying with the recognized brands (Lenovo, Dell, Acer, HP) and the sales that come up in your area. When you've identified a brand name laptop that's on sale and has the specifications you desire - then do some googling for reviews on that particular model to see if there are any major gotchas or complaints.
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Re: Gaming laptop

Post by common_sense_guy »

If I were you I would figure out your budget and see what Best Buy has online and from the price difference is you can learn what different components raise the price and lower the price. It is hard to beat Best Buy because they do have buying power especially with purchases like that . Then once you figure out what's necessary and what isn't I would look online. I found a really good gaming laptop on Castanet actually. And one other thing you should research is go online and type in the name of some of the games you want to be able to play and they will show you minimum system requirements. There are lots of websites to tell you minimum requirements for each game
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