Phones from Costco

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Re: Phones from Costco

Post by Bsuds »

LovemyBolt wrote: Aug 30th, 2021, 8:07 am But they both have the so-called unlocked, pre-paid phones.
My understanding is that all new phones sold since 2017 must be unlocked.

Easiest way to tell would be to put your sim card in it and see if it will work when looking at a used phone.
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Re: Phones from Costco

Post by Jlabute »

That is right - all new phones are unlocked since December 2017. Just got a new phone from Koodo and it was unlocked, or never locked? I bet the removal of the 'locking' process saves the carriers time, and us money. In retrospect it is a nasty communist policy to lock phones in order to keep people from escaping. lol
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Re: Phones from Costco

Post by LovemyBolt »

@bsuds, @jlabute : I intentionally put in "so-called". It's just marketing. I'm aware of the unlocked law.
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Re: Phones from Costco

Post by Symbonite »

To the OP

Welcome to the rip off wireless telecom landscape of Canada. There is no competition when there is really only 3 major companies that offer their services. They all seem to set the rates that are so similar to each other.

and if you go with the low cost...its just the same companies with a different name.

looking at the difference between here and Europe would make any ones head spin on how much we pay.
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