Mummified Ice Age Puppy's Final Snack Stuns Scientists

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Mummified Ice Age Puppy's Final Snack Stuns Scientists

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Puppies do get into everything and it doesn't matter it's today or eons ago.
PUPPIES GET INTO EVERYTHING THEY SHOULDN'T — from trash cans to your holiday dinner. Ice Age pups are no exception.

In a study published this summer, researchers discovered a clue to these ancient dogs' lives, hidden inside the stomach of a mummified pup — a chunk of woolly rhino.

The discovery of a well-preserved animal sample inside another animal is as gnarly as it is rare. The finding enables scientists to better understand what the predator-prey dynamics between these ancient creatures might've looked like. It also prompts questions entirely new to science, like: how did a puppy take down a rhino?
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