Anyone but Colin!

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Re: Anyone but Colin!

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Mayor Dyas to welcome 2020 Memorial Cup. ... ns-cup-bid
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Re: Anyone but Colin!

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Politick18 wrote:pentona - "a lot of it had to do with the mayor (Jakubeit) ignoring the wishes of the people at the time."

So Chessman & southy, let's calm down with the Dyas smack, since wisdom says Basran's had his day and Schewe & Kennedy are wasted votes. :biggrin:

I wouldn't recommend voting for either Tom Dyas (check his record of messing up big time in Penticton); same goes for Jakubeit (he was part of the problem/mess). Do your homework before voting.
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Re: Anyone but Colin!

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Even if Tom tried, there's no guarantee Costco would be staying in Kelowna. :smt045

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