Campaign Donations ( aka corporate bribery )

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Campaign Donations ( aka corporate bribery )

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Can anyone tell me if the limiting or elimination of corporate campaign donations extends to "Municipal" elections?

If it does not, I would like to see a list of large corporate donations and to whom BEFORE the election ( or perhaps check out who has the biggest and most expensive signs), and if there is such a list - where can I find it?

Seems Kelowna is like a ripe cherry tree for developers wanting to come and turn this place into a mini-Vancouver ( and we all know what that will bring - don't we)!

You think we got problems now?

Wait and see what the future is gonna bring once all the water front is developed and taken away from the public by the ultra wealthy.

Corporations don't make donations ( aka bribery ) because they are "benevolent" to the communities they are raping, they do it because they expect a return on the investment.

Sometimes it isn't cash, it could simply be a "promissory note" for a "better job" or even keys to a special "penthouse suite" on a prime development?

How much have we - the taxpayer - lost, in the time Basran and his "yes clowns" been in office? How many orchards have been turned into suburbia, and how many more are slated for demolition for more houses and prime waterfront for the ultra rich?

How much have big developers such as "Melcor" gained, and how much did they donate to this last bunch ( if any ) ??

I say fire them all and start fresh.

I don't believe he or his nodding puppet heads have Kelowna's best interests at heart.

If you want to become a mini Vancouver? Then vote for this tribe of misfits, if not, kick them out NOW and start fresh.
Compliance is a tool used by dictators, to take your freedom and never give it back.
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