Council Cabal Coming in West Kelowna?

heather yeats
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Council Cabal Coming in West Kelowna?

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This letter to the editor was on Castanet and it certainly smacks of a lot of behind the scene networking - or do we just call it collusion?

"Having attended the all-candidates forum on Oct. 3, I am convinced there appears to be a bit of a cabal becoming evident in West Kelowna. There are rumours of such a group, and some are calling it the “New Old Boys Club.”
This caused me to check the nomination papers of each candidate. I noticed many candidates nominating each other. I then checked each of the available candidate websites and noticed similar wording and platforms. I even saw that Stephen Johnston was pictured working as a volunteer on the elect Gord Milsom campaign. Johnston ran for Mayor in 2014.

Please look at each candidate before you vote, before it’s is too late. There are several who have suggested taking us into larger debt.

Milsom actually approached the current council after the twice refused City Hall AAP and referendum, suggesting council hold a third referendum. Do we want him spending our money?
All of the current council, except Rosalind Neis, voted in favour of a developer-built new City Hall in the Westbank Centre. As it turns out, so did many of the new candidates for office – Milsom, Johnston, Wiebe, and others who showed support for the prject when there was a less expensive way to go. Do we want them spending our money?

Then there is Wiebe and his new Soccer Dome. He said it would cost $1.5 million and here we are at close to $4 million, and we are expected to give him our vote?

How about the candidates who want a new downtown in Westbank even at the cost of borrowing to develop a new City Hall in that location? Is that the most important issue or are roads, street lights, sidewalks, and water?
How about the candidates who want to encourage development at all costs (which is most of them) even at the expense of reducing developer cost charges?

Some at the forum tried to besmirch Coun. Neis because of poor attendance at council meetings. Did they tell you why she missed some of those meetings? No? She missed meetings because when the International Red Cross called upon her, a surgical nurse, to go to Nepal to assist with their MASH units after a major earthquake, she delivered. Then the Red Cross called on her again to Bangladesh. She is a humanitarian who helps all individuals.

She was the only councillor out of seven to stand up and say “what is with all the telephone poles in the sidewalk?” and challenged the process.

Do we really want a New Old Boys Club for the next four years? "

I agree the attendance record handout was a below the belt attack. It was handed out at all of the meet and greets and even handed out to attendees by the partner of one of the candidates who did not attend the council candidates forum on 9th October.
Its obvious that the intention of the incumbent council is to get rid of the fly in their ointment. Keep the fly and get rid of some of them instead.

What do you think?
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Re: Council Cabal Coming in West Kelowna?

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If you look up the meaning of "Cabal" it refers to a secretive arrangement. Council hopefuls have been forthright in supporting each others campaigns because they all want a council that works towards solutions for all citizens. But then again incumbents who all are part of the same service group and have held office since West Kelowna was incorporated may be the real "Cabal"!
I for one am hopeful for a council and mayor who can work as a unit and actually work toward solving the issues we face instead of fighting over whose to blame for the lack of leadership and oversight of the administration that leads to failed projects and wasteful spending.
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Re: Council Cabal Coming in West Kelowna?

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The other "club" is probably the join Kelowna group, one of the ones seeking mayor is certainly leaning that way.
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Re: Council Cabal Coming in West Kelowna?

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11 years ago, together with Ian Graham, I was the co- chair of the Join Kelowna movement.

At that time It was the Fiscally correct approach to take.
Had West Kelowna joined Kelowna at that time we would have had access to larger Government Grants to assist with establishing our New Community.
10 years later we are seeing the increase in taxes necessary to undertake improvements and replacemnt of our aging infrastructure as we build our stand alone City.
Part of my 2018 Mayoral Platform is to inform the public as best I can how we may be able to offset some of these tax increases.
In 2008 the Province gifted us an 11 acre parcel of land on Bartley and Stevens Rd.
this land sites vacant with signs that identify it as the "Future City Works Yard."
As the Mayor I would establish a Works Yard that is accessed via Bartly Rd.
and install a temporary structure that would house the Works Crew, who look after our waster, sewer, and roads.

My plan would include office space to house the Engineering Staff, and Parks Staff, thus providing much needed office space.
Presently Engineering Staff are working in rented space at a cost of $65,000 a year.

This land includes gravel desposits.
Zoning is already in place for gravel extraction.
The City of West Kelowna could extract this gravel and sell it and thus increase Revenue.

I am a successful businesswoman with extensive knowledge and experience in the construction industry.

If we are to succeed in our endeavour to create a great city and reduce taxation then I am confident that we can find other methods of increasing revenue while at the same time reducing the tax burden on our citizens.
I am interested in reading your ideas and suggestions through this forum.

Regards, Mary Mandarino
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Re: Council Cabal Coming in West Kelowna?

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Please be clear ms Mandarino.

From your post I see that
You were in support of joining Kelowna ten years ago.
That' s history and We all know that.

NOW - it sounds like you are fully behind the work of getting our beloved rural area built into a proper city, with good services.

Is that right?
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Re: Council Cabal Coming in West Kelowna?

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Yes, I worked hard on the Amalgamation Team 10 years ago.
however, when the Referendum showed that Incorporation was the people's choice, I accepted the fact that the people had chosen Incorporation.

Now I am committed to working together helping our City move forward.

Here are some of the things I have succefully completed over the past 10 years:-

1. Together with a group of dedicated Westbank Pioneer families we "Saved the George Court" Beach Access when
a developer attempted to acquire a Westbank Beach Access to build a 6 car garage.
This beach access was improved and maintained by our Parks Department. It is a beautiful location for residents and visitors to access a very serene beach front.
2. Together with the Westside Residents and Business Association, Claude Drought and I worked with Brook Haven Care Centre Staff. We successfully completed the revitalization of their display fountain and surrounding gardens.

3. The Park in front of the Petro Canada at the corner of Bartley Rd. and Ross Rd. is another project in which I took a leader role.
A TD Canada Trust Grant together with Lakeview Irrigation District and the District of West Kelowna funds was used to design and plant this beautiful Public Park.

There are a number of other Westside Projects on which I have taken a leadership role.

Regards, Mary Mandarino.... For Mayor of West Kelowna

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