Kelowna Council Candidates

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Kelowna Council Candidates

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Is there a discussion regarding council candidates? There seems to be a lack of information or question/answer info out there or i'm looking in the wrong place.
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Re: Kelowna Council Candidates

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Hello Ktown72...

There are two forums on Castanet where discussion surrounds candidates - They are called '2018 Candidates' and 'civic Election here we come'. and *bleep*.com both have 'Elections' pages where you can read about/view videos of some of the candidates. can be found here:

www.*bleep*.com can be found here:https://www.*bleep*.com/watercooler/news/news/Civic_Election/

Links to the candidates and their websites (where there is one) can be found at ... candidates

Google will also provide some links but you may have to look on different pages... :biggrin:

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