Beware NO threshold of minimum voting numbers on PURPOSE

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Beware NO threshold of minimum voting numbers on PURPOSE

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We have a fine example of MMP in our BC Legislature Right now. John Horgan, has compromised with the GREEN party to allow a referendum on Proportional Representation and will likely honour the referendum vote if it favours MMP. MMP admit more Green party candidates in the future because of general voting.

I have experienced two elections in New Zealand with MMP. Sure everyone gets their say, and as a result nothing gets passed. So if enough people vote for the Marijuana party and they exceed the 5% general vote, they get a MLA. An MLA who represents no riding and is not accountable to the people. You bet parties elect their mates into the top tiers of like minded thinking to push their personal agendas. WATCH OUT. If the threshold is not announced by John Horgan, they can push MMP through even if 1% vote in favour. First Past the Post works better if MORE people care to vote!

Call your NDP MLA or your Green Party MLA and ask them what the threshold is for going forward. There is none. Its like a jury deciding on an accused guilt 1 to 11!

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