Who is Tracy Gray?

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Re: Who is Tracy Gray?

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“A clear conscience is the sure sign of a bad memory.” - Mark Twain

“The duty of a patriot is to protect his country from its government.” – Edward Abbey
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Re: Who is Tracy Gray?

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Comment: federal Kelowna riding returns to its roots
Ron Seymour Oct 22, 2019 Updated 20 hrs ago

Stephen Fuhr almost, but not quite, described people who didn’t vote for him Monday as fools, rubes and country bumpkins.
The glimpse of his disdain for the judgment of voters was a sign that Fuhr was not entirely unaffected by the insufferable arrogance that defines so many Liberals.

He was, after all, not a fighter pilot who came down and walked humbly among the people, but an elitist who surveyed the political landscape of the hoi polloi from a commanding height and found the visage not to his liking.

As he campaigned, he told reporters after losing his seat to Conservative Tracy Gray, he found a lot of “gratitude” among people for all the good work he believes he’s done for the riding in the past four years.

But then there were other people, Fuhr said, shifting gears.

Perhaps, in the Liberals’ lexicon, that should be “Others,” with a capital O, to distinguish how the Liberals see these types of voters as qualitatively different creatures, stubbornly resistant to the self-described natural governing party’s supposed charms.

“I think there was this big wave of not necessarily good sentiment that was revved up in this campaign by the Conservative party,” Fuhr said.

That’s one example of hubris — being indignant that an opposition party would, you know, oppose the government, with the normal kind of campaign tactics that all parties always engage in.

But there was another example of presumptuousness, even more telling.

“The doors that I did hit (where people) weren’t necessarily happy with the direction of the country, the reasons they cited that they weren’t happy weren’t actually real or true,” Fuhr said.

So whatever opinions voters offered to Fuhr that he didn’t like, he dismissed them as not substantiated or, worse, completely made up. Basically, he called those who disagreed with him liars.

The dimwitted people easily brainwashed by the Tories’ message of misinformation, Fuhr went on, are to be found mainly outside the cities.

“We’re urban-rural, right? Rural seems a little bit more susceptible to that kind of messaging. There’s many reasons you can speculate, but it just is,” Fuhr said.

Once the district-by-district vote count is released by Elections Canada, Fuhr will be in for a surprise. Election-night returns showed him trailing from the outset, with no discernible uptick of support based on the location of polls. He was probably as thoroughly spanked in the Mission as he was in Oyama, walloped in Glenmore by the same margin of defeat he suffered in Southeast Kelowna.

And why? The reasons aren’t much of a mystery. The appeal of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, which helped lift all Liberals four years ago, has dimmed even among so-called progressives to the point where it no longer gave them a significant boost in closely contested ridings.

Voter turnout in Kelowna-Lake Country was down about 5% compared to 2015, with many of the no-shows likely to be people who only voted four years ago because of Trudeau’s novelty. And of course, the local Greens woke up this election and ran a candidate against Fuhr, so that was another 7% of votes he didn’t get this time.

But Gray’s margin of victory, at 13%, was greater than the combined effect of these two factors. The riding went back to its roots, with Gray’s victory not far off the levels claimed by her long list of small-c conservative candidate forebears.
Fuhr staked much of his campaign message on federal money he says he greased into the community. But I don’t think most voters enjoy being bribed with their own money.

Federal investments in education, transportation and infrastructure ought to be parcelled out across Canada more or less in line with population realities and demonstrable need. The funds shouldn’t be sloshed around in a gravy bowl and tipped erratically over the country, the size and location of the dollops varying according to the relative rank and influence of an in-power politician.

Even if the Liberals make good on Fuhr’s implied threat to now vengefully turn off the taps to Kelowna-Lake Country, the prevailing response will probably be a collective shrug.

In conservative ridings, people agree with the famous observation of Ronald Reagan in his first inauguration address that

“Government is not the solution to our problem. Government is the problem.”

The quote drives liberals wild. They just can’t understand how anyone could agree with it.

http://www.kelownadailycourier.ca/news/ ... 7fc7e.html

Justin Trudeau is a blight on our once great country.

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