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Re: Leaders debate

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Veovis wrote:
Jlabute wrote:$5 a liter is much worse than $5 a gallon like the democrats are imposing right now in some California areas.
Bye-bye democrats. Probably the extra taxes pay for homeless poop, needle, rat, and typhus clean-up.


That's a $1.32 a liter. And let's be honest that will be used to pay for a study about the issues, not actually address the issues.

I do have to agree though that Singh is coming off a lot better than he has in the past. Perhaps he is finally adjusting to his role, but as well the NDP are just way to far out of touch with reality to every really govern, they will always be one of the "aren't wishes nice" parties.

I thought they already had these issues solved. After-all, they've been handing out dog flea collars to the homeless.

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Re: Leaders debate

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Actual topic:

fvkasm2x wrote:https://www.castanet.net/news/Canada/265743/Live-federal-leaders-debate

I found it pretty sad that JT felt so highly of himself that he couldn't show up for a debate.

Doesn't want to answer hard questions and unlike question period... he can't have a minion stand up and answer for him.
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Re: Leaders debate

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https://www.google.ca/url?sa=t&rct=j&q= ... 99K3HhIIti


“ OK. Having got the minor concerns out of the way, here are the real reasons this was a mess and an insult. First, it was just one debate, held in Ottawa, constructed within the purely Ottawa journalistic mindset of what is and is not an issue, and chewed over on television and the internet very largely from within that mindset.

This was the one and only debate for all the provinces and territories (outside Quebec, which gets two debates) to be conducted in English. The range of interests and issues in the regions and provinces of Canada were not and could not possibly be served by last night’s claustrophobic contest.

Let us go to the ever-worthy and oh-so-pious issue of “climate change” on which all the leaders (exception, Maxime Bernier) scrambled to be first and most conspicuous at the altar rail. The biggest question on this issue, and therefore not to be asked, is whether Canada should be tying itself into regulatory and taxation knots to do anything about climate change at all. Even if you accept all the premises of global warming, there is a kernel fact here that reduces every leader’s position — even Elizabeth May’s — to spurious pretence, the ultimate expression of policy commitment as aggravated virtue-signalling.

The range of interests and issues in the regions and provinces of Canada could not possibly be served by last night’s claustrophobic contest.

Canada, the country, is at best a minor, a minuscule contributor to climate change. Canada can do virtually nothing, nothing, to halt or stop it. And for all their talk of concern on the issue, and their deep promises to savagely reduce Canada’s carbon emissions, not one of the leaders (with the possible exception of May) dare commit to the reduction in quality of life that stopping all oil and gas development, and all industry that depends on reliable energy, would inevitably entail. The entire debate is a charade. We know it, and the politicians squirming to be front-of-the-line virtuous on this issue know it, too.

Now back to the leaders’ debate. How can there be a national consideration of climate change when Albertan interests, Newfoundland’s interests, and all the interests of those whose work and life revolve around ready energy supply, are not equally represented with those promising to “transition to net emission-free” energy by 2050 (a fantastical, impossible target). Translated, what that commitment amounts to is a pledge to change Canada’s entire industrial and domestic energy base in 30 years. It is a pledge to shut down the central economic base of at least two provinces. It is putting the whole province of Alberta on notice that “we’re shutting you down.”

Is this not a question that deserves its own debate, in the province most to be affected?” If all the leaders so invested in climate change believe what they are saying, should they not at least leave Ottawa and go out to the province they intend to shut down and hear from the people there? If there are two “national” debates for, and held in, Quebec, should there not be at least one for, and held in, Alberta? I would like to hear one good reason — good, I said — why there cannot.“
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Re: Leaders debate

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Re: Leaders debate

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No wonder Singh is soaring, at least he has a sense of humor
"During the French language federal leaders' debate Thursday night, NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh remarked "Here we go again!" when moderator Patrice Roy referred to him as "Mr. Scheer." "
He also pointed out he was wearing his orange turban again... best part of the debate
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Re: Leaders debate

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I keep thinking the thread title is spelled incorrectly. It says "debate" but shouldn't that be spelled "debacle"? [icon_lol2.gif]
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Re: Leaders debate

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Everyone needs to watch Kevin O'Leary on KITCO News, youtube.
Maybe you love Trudeau, and are not interested in facts, but on a world stage, we are a joke, controlled and manipulated by the rest.
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