Trudeau's a thorn in the Liberals' rear

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Trudeau's a thorn in the Liberals' rear

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Notice how in 2015 the campaign signs for MP's all had Justin Trudeau prominently displayed? Where are they now? No mention of JT the Blackface man anywhere. The Trudeau brand truly has become toxic political poison. And yet they keep him as leader.

Justin Trudeau is a blight on our once great country.
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Re: Trudeau's a thorn in the Liberals' rear

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The minister of defense is guilty of public perjury, gross negligence causing a threat to national security and should be in jail.

The minister of finance is guilty of insider trading - a 10 year sentence.

The minister of immigration actively and quietly attempted to remove protections of FGM from the Canadian citizenship guide, which HAD he succeeded would have provided a lawful excuse under current Canadian laws for practitioners of this crime on humanity to never face sentencing or punishment if they performed it here. DOMESTIC TERROR

He blew the Asia Pacific deal. He blew the helicopter deal with the Philippines. He blew the pipeline deal. He blew the deal with China. He blew the deal with Europe. He blew pot legalization. He‘s screwed up immigration. He’s now totally screwed up NAFTA. What more do people need to realize Trudeau is a complete failure at everything he does. Do we need to mention the fiasco at our Southern border?

-At the G7 he pledged $400 Million to Education around the world along with another $180 Million to the Global Partnership for Education in Europe. None of it is going to fix our messed up school systems here at home. Meanwhile education cost are skyrocketing for our youth making university a mountain to high for many to climb.

-He pledged $241 Million to Family Planning around the world including a $20 Million donation to the Bill and Hillary Clinton Foundation (because they have integrity!). This all happened while he told vets that they were asking too much.

-He pledged $2.65 Billion to climate change at the Commonwealth Leaders Summit and now he is trying to bully the provinces into new taxes to pay for this pledge.

-He pledged $300 Million to the Rohingya Refugee crisis while we have a refugee crisis of our own flooding into Quebec that he won't address.

-He pledged $125 Million to Caribbean Reconstruction while our own infrastructure in cities is falling apart.

-He pledged $650 million to Sexual and Reproductive health in Haiti and around the globe wanting safer abortions for woman while many woman in our own country are left without a family doctor.

-He has pledged $50 million to Palestine for flood relief when NB had some of the worst flooding in decades this past spring.

-He pledged $840 million to Syria for Humanitarian Assistance when half the native reserves in our country don't have clean drinking water.

-He gave $10.5 Million to a convicted...CONVICTED terroristin a backroom deal that has lead to another $30.8 Million payed out for three other fellers who say they were wrongfully detained.

-And just recently he spent $4.5 Billion on a pipeline, and now the courts have ruled it shut down. Good investment for Canada he said.

Replaces Canada’s old F-18s with Australia’s old F-18s.

Waves to an empty tarmac when boarding the government plane.

Thinks we should thank muslim refugees for moving to Canada.

His love of all things Castro and all things Red China.

Imposes tough regulations and taxes on oil from Alberta, Saskatchewan and Newfoundland but not oil from Saudi Arabia.

Every new project has to undergo strict environmental assessments...except cement plants in Quebec.

Says that a proposed pipeline must consider “the intersection of sex and gender with other identity factors” (what does that even mean???)

Thinks older Canadians should be replaced.

Chases foreign companies (and their investment capital) out of the country like they have the plague.

Chases our WW1 soldiers out of our national anthem... lest we forget.

Brings in 10s of thousands of unemployable “refugees”.

Tweets out a welcome to 10s of thousands more fake refugees from the US (even gets the RCMP to be their bellhops).

All his fake refugees get better healthcare than Canadians do, while they put a strain on all our public services and contribute little.

Continuously uses identity politics...then complains about identity politics.

Forgot Alberta was a province.

Called small business owners “tax cheats” while he sucks at the teat of a family trust fund.

Ask questions about money spent on illegal immigrants and he calls them intolerant racists.

We have an equalization program but he gives half of it to one province

Says “diversity is our greatest strength” but his divisiveness tears us apart.

Screws up our trade relations with our most important trade partner because he failed to stop Chinese steel from flowing through to the states and he won’t give up supply management which hurts Canadian consumers (egg,mpoultry and milk marketing boards)

$8 million for a skating rink. $4.5 billion for a 65 year old pipeline (and KM uses that money to build a pipeline in Texas)

Billions added to the national debt.

Kokanee groper and #metoo hypocrite

Illegal migrants are just “irregular border crossers”.

Gets India to invest $250 million in Canada but we have to invest $750 million in India first.

Compared returning ISIS terrorists to Italian immigrants and says they will be an extraordinary powerful voice for Canada.

Lets Terrorists keep their Canadian citizenship.

Thinks Canada is 100 years old instead of 150.

Gave Canadian taxpayer’s money to Hamas.

Still gives foreign aid to China?????????

Increasing the number of personal pronouns to 50.

Outrage over fake racist attacks, says nothing about real terrorist attacks. (Muslim girl who cut her own hair and niqab,mblamed it on intolerant whites)

Spent a little over $1.5 million on the trip to India that did nothing but worsen ties. Plus paid over $17,000 to Vikram Vij, a chef from Vancouver to prepare a meal for a meeting in New Delhi.

the ONLY PM convicted of ethics violations.


STATSCAM Under the watch of JT, a branch of this overgrown and ever expanding gov't, sneakily and without public discussion directed Canadian Banks to hand over our private information, unredacted, to StatsCan. This matter is on hold for the present, but should JT be given another 4 years, it will probably be given his blessing. Big Brother in your wallet.

Breathalyzer tests and expanded police powers

Promotions in gov't based on genitalia rather than aualifications

MJ rollout botched.

Now up to 5 ethics violations

Bought the Press with 600 million of our money

The hated carbon tax. No proof it accomplishes anything other than fill gov't coffers

Pays off residents of Roxham Roadfor their inconvenience as migrants (illegals) cross our borders. $25,000 or 15,000 depending which side of Roxham your house is on. To their credit, these residents did not ask for the funds or for any compensation at all, JT just threw our cash at them.

Allows ISIS killers back into Canada where England does not

Never, ever answers a question but dances around hoping questioner will forget what they asked.

The ongoing, sad pipeline fiasco

NAFTA 2 not such a great deal

Insinuates that construction workers are scummy rapists

The Tori Stafford affair. Outrage right across the country that one of the perps allowed to serve out sentence in a native healing lodge.

The Coultin Boushie case......interefering comments by JT

Immigration screening failures one is Somali gangster with extensive criminal record released twice in Canada

Husky Oil abandons MEG takeover due to lack of progress on pipeline

Promised balanced budget by set into far future, 2040

John McCallum, inebriated yaps off in China and has to resign.

Gambling Grewel raises big bucks from Lib donors to cover his casino debts; donors cannot be named as Lib party forgotto inform them that their names might be made public. Convenient.

Strained relationships with USA, Saudi Arabia, Brazil, Russia and of course, China

Resale value of TMX drops 700 Million after a year of delay

Jan 31-2019. Overspent budget, no surprise there. THen stole an extra 2.5 billion from taxpayer pocket to pay for his extravagance.

Western alienation subdued since the 1970s rears up again.

Consultation on Bill C-69 is now open to anyone around the globe. This bizarre scenario allows peeps in Bangladesh for example to have a say equal to ours in our own country!

JT defends Vaughan's tweet to "whack" Ford

12,000 migrants are in Canada, unvetted. Whereabouts unknown. These are only the numbers reported missing.

180 Million dollars to support Global Partnership on Education while:
.......First Nations still have not received the promised (by JT) 2.5 billion for their schools
....... 235,000 Canadians are homeless

JT proclaims low incomers don't pay taxes!

Unnecessary friction with China and USA re Meng. JTs high priced help could have informed her not to stop in Canada, just go directly to China


JT watches his best (only?) buddy and secretary head for the exits in the middle of the SNC-JWR scandal.

Liberals do their best to smear JWR and her veracity.

SNC a big donator to Lib party; Has a terrible world wide reputation for every evil known to mankind.

JWR testifies. Apparent to everyone that JT and minions were exerting pressure on her to bend to their wishes so that SNC is washed clean as Baby Jesus; that votes in Quebec were secure, all under the guise of jobs, for Quebecers of course.

The pooplog passes thru the sawmill. No one believes JT, least of all, Cdn peeps who applaud Scheer's request for the law to get involved. Calls for JT resignation are heard throughout the Land of Nod.
Next up, Butts. Can he save JT's azz? Will JT resign? Will his party toss him?

Oh oh! Another surprise as Jane Philpott resigns her portfolio today, March 4th. The rats dive into the lifeboats, oarless, with only a pummeled boychild to lead them theough troubled waters to next election. The Nodders watch his televised pep rally where one would think he'd address the problem of fleeing ministers, but no, he yells over the hecklers about climate instead. Many hoped he'd realize that he is unfit to be PM and resign himself, but alas, not to be, yet.

So, now we are back to Butts, but what can he say now? Can he make this all go away for Dear Leader if he resigns twice?

March 4 Butts speaks, nothing changes except that opinion poll shows that Jody is believed by 91% and Butts 9%

March 5 JT doesn't apologize (or resign as many hoped) and only makes things worse for the Libs who are trailing in the polls behind the Conservatives. He just doesn't get it that the AGs office should function without political interference, and nor does Wernick or Butts.

March 5- Power Play reporter living in USA says peeps there are very interested in what's going on...they see this as weak leader syndrome who cannot be relied on to complete deals as he may not be around after October.

It is finally known across the land that should SNC fail, the contracts can and will be filled by other (honest) corporations.

March 12 . The scandal has not cooled down. Canada now on an international "watch list" for being homeland of SNC, a wicked company known worldwide for supporting corrupt regimes with murderers and fraudsters all kinds.

To howls of outrage from the opposition the Libs shut down hopes of having JWR speak freely leading everyone to think there's even more that will not bear direct sunlight. Muzzle your opponents, JT....that'll work.

To add insult to injury, JT takes off for trip to private island in private jet, and within a few hours, flies back for secretive meetings. Plenty of to and *bleep* Florida, at our expense as usual.

March 19. JT and his henchman, Morneau, don smarmy smiles as they present the latest budget which guarantees that Canada will incur greater debt making it much harder to weather the oncoming recession. One billion dollars earmarked to pay for illegal immigration that has increased to unmanageable numbers since JTs tweet worldwide to cross our borders anyway, anytime, anyhow.

Howls from the opposition parties in an attempt to block presentation of budget with demands that the SNC-JWR investigation continue. JT says nope, no can do.

March 20. Celina Caesar quits the Libs, JT accepts her resignation, stammeringly says that she wants to sit as an Independent

March 20. SNC Lavalin CEO Neil Bruce declares that JT was lying when he said he had to "save" 9,000 Quebec jobs and to stop head office move from Montreal. He said in no uncertain terms that JT is a bald-faced liar on National TV.

March 21. Spring has sprung and the minefields are exploding under JTs feet without stop. Jane PHilpott, possibly the last remaining Lib in Canada with a modicum of public admiration has spilled all she could to McLean's magazine. She says that there is much more to tell (where have we heard this before?) about the SNC-JWR-JT debacle. Walks away from JT with a slight wave of the hand and a calm grin on her face.

March 26. As we head into a two month scandal ridden JT era, clarification is still nowhere to be seen. In fact, it is now WORSE than before as written submission by JWR is subject to redaction so question of WHAT is JT hiding remains unanswered. Painting the picture with even more tar, a respected Chief Justice has now had his name besmirched by this Liberal train barreling off the rails.

This story just does not die and blow away in the wind. Only WW 3 will take precedence now.

On the prairies, the Canola exporters are caught in a trap with the Chinese who have refused (renaged) to fulfill their end of the contract in purchase of the 2018 crop. They are looking at bankruptcy thanks to JT and grave mishandling of Meng affair.

In other news, Boyle and Khadr bob up to toilet surface again....JT buddies and pals.

Back to JWR, today she released a recording of threats received, completely contradicting the often-altered explanations of our PM. It is Crystal clear that JT a serial liar, and why his rats are jumping ship. I predict a forced resignation.

Well, I was wrong about the Lib party coming to their senses and dumping JT. Fine, the day of reckoning is set for October then.

April 2, a day of infamy in Canada. Not having the cajones to do it himself, JT gives the dirty work of removing JWR and Dr. Philpott to his caucus who, of course, naturally do his bidding. The story doesn't end here as the country is up in arms over this scandal and how shabbily JWR was treated. She recorded the threats which she only brought out after her word was doubted. JT has always maintained that she never approached him but it came out today that yes, she had indeed.

A few of JT supporters shout that if JWR was upset, she should have just resigned and walked away, quietly of course, leaving the playground clear for JT and SNC to do their evil things unchallenged.

April 6. JT threatens Scheer with lawsuit should Mr Scheer continue nipping at his heels. Mr Scheer cheerfully welcomes the idea of going to Court to air the filthy laundry the Libs try vainly to hide and forget. Encourages it, actually.

Jody is interviewed outlining her reasons for taping the Wernick conversation, proof positive that she was pressured and evidence unobtainable in no other way. Libs continue efforts to shoot messenger and pooh-pooh the contents. Support for her and Philpott continues to grow.

In the background instead of foreground where it should be, is the ever-looming storm cloud of the Norman scandal. His lawyers have asked for documents from the gov't and did eventually get a few, all heavily redacted indicating another cover up needing sunlight.

The SNC scandal simply will not die as JT insists on resuscitation in the form of threatening a lawsuit against Scheer for unflattering remarks made about JT and the scandal. Bring it on, cries Scheer, realizing he has just received his Christmas gift early this year. After realizing the monumental error he has just committed, JT is now painted into another corner by his own stupidity. If he chooses to pursue court option, he himself will have to produce documents and testify (gasp) under oath to prove he is not a liar. If he drops it, looks like Scheer was correct in his assessments and remarks. You can't make this stuff up!

The recent ouster of Philpott and JWR from caucus have legal problems that are being investigated presently. Was procedure followed correctly or not? In any case JT made the final decision himself to kick them out, making him look (more) foolish and vindictive. He claims the majority of caucus wanted the gals removed....if so, some numbers might be nice, and was there a secret ballot conducted? I bet not.

A fundraising dinner for JTs Libs raised eyebrows across the Land of Nod, not just for the admission pricetag ($1600.00/plate) but also the gov't entourage consisting of 7 gov't Black Mariah SUVs were left running for the 2 hr -(14 hr total) feeding frenzy. Not a red letter day for the environment JT proclaims to protect with onerous carbon taxes. No car pooling for this crowd of entitled folk. I investigated and found that the restaurant has seating for 150, presumably with adjustable walls should the turnout have been disappointingly low as has happened recently. The Rebel, standing near the entrance to question attendees as they rushed by, filmed covered faces as if they were entering a house of ill repute. A few who did stop claimed never to have heard of JWR, others barely spoke english. Makes me wonder if these were Canadians at all or lobbyists from afar currying favor in exchange for future handsome rewards.

After many requests under the FIA the RCMP finally coughed up docs related to JTs "sudden" holiday to the Aga Khans Bahama island which led to breach of ethics charges, lying and the usual cover up attempts. Turns out the RCMP documents reveal the "spontaneous" getaway had actually been planned over the preceding 9 months. (Amazing that JT had a clear focus for such a long gestation period.)

Sigh.....More deficit spending daily adding to our crushing national debt. The outcries of economists, print commentators, money market managers and the beset and battered taxpayer have NO effect whatsoever on the regular burning of our cash. No one within the JT circle (certainly not himself) advises JT that a second look at what might be perceived as wanton waste of money should be curtailed. The public is in a vicious mood so in the middle of all else swirling around.....

The gleeful announcement that 12 million bucks have been given to Weston (Loblaw's) to pay for new refrigeration to reduce those very same GHG that gov't toadies' vehicles spewed attending Lib fundraising dinner were spewing .
Weston, a highly profitable company didn't need to financial boon, but this is where our PM chooses to drop taxpayer money. The public outrage thrums like a hornets nest from coast to coast. Of course Investigation reveals links from the corporation into the highest reaches of Lib gov't. (Charges of rewarding Weston-Loblaws for generous donations to Lib coffers).

April 17.

As election day closes in on the Libs, they scramble to change their controversial immigration procedures showing that they are now willing to throw their own virtue signalling under the bus in exchange for votes.

The Aga Khan vacation saga [/b]again raised its head as it has been declared "suspect" that previous judgement was slanted in JTs favor. A new investigation under way with new and improved oversight. Maybe this time a spade will be a spade.

Oh, oh. Alberta elects Jason Kenney who is definitely up in arms about carbon tax, alienation and of course, the unbuilt pipeline. Willing to go to war with the Feds and JT in particular, Kenney also has a few screws to use on our dear leader, Horgan, and his suffering peeps who are screaming mad about high gas prices. Will we be punished for the idiocy of our BC gov't? Will Kenney realize that we are not all crazy and so show some mercy to us?

April 20 It appears that JT is letting his threatened lawsuit against Scheer for "defamation"drop quietly. Non pursuit would indicate that JT concedes he is a liar.

April 28

The 1600.00/plate Liberal fundraiser JT hosted turned out to be illegal as a USA lobbyist was present. All tickets had to be refunded (but what about all the donations gifted to Libs that night?)

The OECD declares JT broke the terms of agreement, citing that the threat of the (bogus) 9,000 job loss was taken into account and shouldn't have been.

Screening for highly placed, influential judge appointments through a biased "Liberalist" process. That means appointments are made based upon friendliness and monetary sharing with the Lib party. Who said justice is blind?

On Earth Day weekend 2019 JT observes it as we would expect of him, not by staying close to home, but jetting his entourage to Tofino and back in a fuel-driven effort to prove how environmentally friendly he is. A good example set by our very own doofus PM.

At the insistence of India, JT finally turns in a few Sikh extremists at last, placing them on a no-fly list. Those extremists now realize how fickle friendship with JT is when pressure from an opposite direction is applied.

Canadians are reeling with the sudden jump in gasoline, groceries, cost of doing business, and anything related and dependant upon transportation thanks to the ill-advised and useless carbon tax. Now we are looking at a potential plastic tax to add to the general misery.

If a group is well-funded with taxpayer money, and then tasked with the mission of looking for white supremacists you can be assured they'll find evidence, even with poorly collected and badly interpreted data to pick through. But, what about ISIS militants returning to Canada who left to fight against us? They have sworn on their own lives to do damage against the nonmuslim world.

The CMHC raises mortgage insurance premiums although it is already profitable. Suddenly, for first time ever, a dividend is declared and the Federal government, looking for serious cash receives the 5.6 Billions. This leaves CMHC in an underfunded position should it be called upon in the event of natural disaster (floods, fires). What we can look for (as usual) more Liberal wasting of funds.

To add insult to injury we hear that Loblaws-Weston , recipient of 12 million taxpayer dollars for fridges has managed to squirrel away 400 million in offshore accounts (free of the Canada taxman).

April 26

TV show The Simpsons depicts JT bodily "floating" away from pertinent questions. Art imitating life as we notice his absence during Question Period when the Norman scandal issue arose.

He shines in the world stage at an international gathering where he chose to smear his political opponents in front of the world. Of course, they were not in attendance to defend themselves.

April 27.

Another day, another photo op. Unfortunately for all he chose to fill a sandbag in front of the Press. His black SUV contingent held up traffic and also hindered folk who were desperate to save their homes. One fellow gave him a good dressing down before the cameras while JTs female security peep clutched and pulled at the gent's forearm.

April 28

Another stellar performance by the airhead as he refers to the Japanese PM as Chinese. The cringe was heard around the globe.

April 29

After imprisoning two Canadian nationals, JT still chooses to hamd over to the Chinese our tax money. Why?

After having it pointed out to them in 2015 that sensitive documents were improperly secured, the issue has not been fixed in 2019....Reminded once again of breach. Maybe the source of leaked info that repeatedly appears.

May 5

Jason Kenney, newly elected Premier of Alverta states that JTs unsound and misguided environmental policies are damaging the Alberta economy.. JT doesn't care to discuss this concern of Albertans.

In an effort to distract the public from the SNC-JWR scandal chirps in the House of Commons that Scheer associates with Neo-Nazis. Shameful performance, JT.

The Quebecers fiercely resent JTs plummy, upper-crust use of French. It grates on their ears, they say. Consistently grating in English too.

May 7

The mess re immigration is boiling over again and likely will be an issue foremost on Canadians' minds as they head to the coting booth. The badly mismanaged issue has 1000's of peeps sitting in hotel rooms on our dime waiting for hearings that make take years to come about. There is also the concern over the 15,000 or so that were ordered deported but have disappeared into the Canadian landscape. JTs thoughtless tweet has also added additional numbers, but why care? Their expenses are not coming out of his wallet.

May 14

Screw up of F-35s. We are on the hook for even more money, and it won't be "small potatoes" either.

May 15

The Auditor General complains that there is a shortage of funding so that investigative work into the reckless JT spending spree will probably not be reported properly, if at all. Very convenient that.

The Norman Scandal

A two and half year ordeal suffered by Vice Admiral Norman came to a sudden halt by way of Stay of Proceedings as LIb gov't drops charges against him. His reputation besmirched, his job gone, $500,000.00 in legal bills to pay all caused by a vicious witch hunt for a whistleblower who informed that the Libs were diddling with contract award. Spineless JT, who can cry and apologize for everything under the sun but doesn't have the simple decency to apologize to Norman for this attack on his honour.

By dodging a trial (August, just before the election) the weasels in gov't will not have to worry about testifying under oath of their parts in this shameful episode.

May 16

JT just all too willing to promote a fining process to punish media for allowing "fake news" content. No one knows who decides what is fake, what the parameters will be, and whether the snakes in gov't are exempt from spreading lies that benefit their agenda.

Justin Trudeau is a blight on our once great country.

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