I just lost a good dinner ....

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I just lost a good dinner ....

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So ... I came across this little ditty while exploring Cnet .

Mary Ann Murphy (Liberal) - Central Okanagan-Similkameen-Nicola

Murphy told a story about one of her experiences while door knocking during the campaign.

"We were out door knocking last week, and a fellow came screaming off his balcony at me. I used all my skills to take the situation down. I lowered my hands, I dropped my voice and started to step backwards. I said: 'Sir, I'm not here to upset you, what can I do?' He said: 'I'm so upset with you Liberals, you've ruined a perfectly good drug dealing business.'"

I was eating my "famous chicken" , baked little potatoes and mixed veg when I read that BS ... I sent a mouthful of REALLY good food out my nose because I just . HAD . to . laugh ...

Has it got THAT bad that a Liberal candidate has only THAT to say ???
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Re: I just lost a good dinner ....

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LOL - for all the reasons to yell at a Liberal, that one seems kind of silly, but hey, I don't really care about drug legalization either way. Now if they ever made bacon illegal...wooh...boy howdy.

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