IH in Kamloops is a joke

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IH in Kamloops is a joke

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https://www.castanetkamloops.net/news/K ... old#456823

Royal Inland Hospital is still short doctors, but it’s not clear exactly how many.

When asked how many physicians the hospital is short of a full staffing complement, RIH medical director Dr. Elizabeth Parfitt and RIH Foundation CEO Heidi Coleman replied that they didn't know! :200:
But there are some significant shortcomings.

Two highly paid bureaucrats don't know how many doctors the hospital is short! Incredible. What do they do to earn their six figure salary?

This one really stands out, we’re supposed to have six full-time neurologists at Royal Inland Hospital and we have zero right now,” she said.
I know that for a fact. I'm booked to see one in mid 2025. :200:

Other shortfalls,
anesthesia, neurology, OB/GYN, pathology and psychiatry.
Without anesthesia surgeries can't be done! :200:

The hospital finishes a multi-million dollar upgrade but no staff? Nice building though. [icon_lol2.gif]

Why are there so many criticisms of Interior Health? It seems to be at the bottom of our multiple Health authourities.

ADDED. Here's an idea, don't waste your time counting the doctor shortages, just get off your assses and hire some. Please.
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Re: IH in Kamloops is a joke

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IH EVERYWHERE IN THE EAST KOOTNEYS IS A JOKE AS WELL. In Elkford I have suffered abuse, discrimination and severe negligence. I am an incomplete paraplegic. I have been called an addict by nurses and doctors here because I suffer from chronic pain that is NEVER GOING AWAY! I was forced on medications that I didn't want to stay on. My specialist told me to get homecare for a chronic wound on my foot I have had for 3 years, but the nurse practitioner denied it and said it was for people that couldn't get themselves around. I didn't drive a car at the time but I was forced to use my electric scooter to the clinic even if it was below freezing. I was misdiagnosed several times because the Dr. REFUSED TO DO PROPER TESTING FOR A BLOOD DISORDER. I also have several spine issues that the nurse practitioner I had refused to look at the MRI I had. Thr same nurse had also refused to look at blood tests and a report a pathologist had sent along with the tests. I now suffer from anemia, I'm iron deficient, plus I have intestinal issues.
I had requested my health reports at the beginning of August, it is now middle of November and still haven't received them.
This leads me to believe they are covering up the brutality I faced because of them including being kicked out of ERs for pain and thrown in my face an actual application to a treatment center.

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