Spring Break. Two weeks or one week?

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Spring Break. Two weeks or one week?

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The Kamloops school district has been having one week spring breaks for the past few years, with the exception of three years, 2015 to 2017.
Now the teachers are back pushing for two weeks. Why?
...the extra week is a helpful for students and staff following the winter and provides more flexibility for vacation plans amongst families, particularly blended ones.
https://www.kamloopsthisweek.com/news/k ... 1.24132024

Come on teachers. You already get two full months off in the summer, two full weeks at Christmas, the one week spring break plus numerous Pro D Days and stat holidays, and you want more?
This is incredibly selfish on the part of the teachers because it really only benefits those teachers that want to take off to sunny climates for a week or two. Hey, you just had two weeks off in December and now nine or ten weeks later you want another two weeks off! :-X

Of course they don't give any thought to the majority of families that don't head south for spring break, but rather have to find day care at $50+ a day per child. I won't do the math as to what an additional week would cost these families in day care as I'm sure these educated, spoiled, teachers can calculate it themselves.

Of course the school year will still start and end on predetermined days, so how will they account for these additional five days off? They will add a few minutes to each school day. Two minutes? Three, four minutes? Whatever they add, it won't really give the kids that much more of an education.

It's time for the school board to toughen up and say no to this over entitled bunch.

So how do the rest of you Kamloops people feel?

That's my rant for the day.
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Re: Spring Break. Two weeks or one week?

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My children grew up in districts with two-week spring breaks. These work better for many families. From your link:
Public opinion in years past, including a recent online survey, has shown most of those surveyed being in favour of moving to a two-week spring break.

Parent advisory councils (PACs) generally have input into the decision.

The school year will have the same amount of instructional time. Different districts accomplish this by taking some of their NI days before students are in class (late August) or after they are done (late June, early July), or by having a slightly longer school day throughout the year, etc.

Most communities offer some form of "day camp" for parents who must use our educational facilities as day care, just as they often do for the one-week spring breaks.

I'm not in Kamloops, but I'd suggest as long as parents of young students are fully aware of the upcoming two-week break, they are quite capable of making whatever arrangements are necessary to ensure the safety of their children during that second week.
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