AJAX mine is still alive?

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AJAX mine is still alive?

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I had assumed that when provincial regulators declined an environmental certificate for the AJAX mine back in 2017, that it was dead. It appears its still has some life in it.

https://www.castanetkamloops.net/news/K ... n-Kamloops
https://www.castanetkamloops.net/news/K ... n-Kamloops
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Re: AJAX mine is still alive?

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Yes, it's the old 'sky is falling' mentality - rearing its' ugly head again. It isn't a perfect world but, IF the mine was to actually proceed, that would at least put a pause into Kamloops' 'urban sprawl'. Perhaps it would be nice - let's say, in about 20 years - to be able to fish Walloper lake from our (Aberdeen) backyard. :200:

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