Fresh St. Market open. Impressive.

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Fresh St. Market open. Impressive.

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We just paid our first visit to Kamloops' newest grocery store and came away very impressed. And a hundred dollars poorer.

It's definitely higher priced, upscale?, but has has a huge variety of quality items. A very busy bakery, sushi and deli stands.
What impressed us the most was the meat section. Certified Angus Beef, the best beef you can buy in a grocery store, a large selection of it as well as an impressive fish counter.

But I'm a little puzzled as to why they came to Kamloops. They have four or five stores in the Lower Mainland including Whistler, so why Kamloops. I'm sure not complaining , the more competition the better for all of us.
I would have thought Kelowna would be their first choice for expansion. Kelowna not good enough?

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