Is There a Half-way House in your Neighbourhood?

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Is There a Half-way House in your Neighbourhood?

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I didn't realize this story had made the headlines. It hit close to home. ... lynch-mob-
Young Kamloops man jailed after avoiding vigilante justice from neighbourhood 'lynch mob'

Let's get a couple of things straight.
The Crown prosecutor, Oliver Potestio, is completely off base with that statement. If anything, one would expect that misleading statement to come from the defence lawyer.
But from the prosecutor? Irresponsible.

Now some facts, no one in that neighbourhood touched or threatened this guy. The cops were called when he had entered his group home and was then arrested. Police had been called a number of times before this due to vehicle break-ins.

For weeks residents had recorded this guy breaking into vehicles after 10 pm, his curfew time. When he was finally arrested, stolen items were found in the group home.
So why was this guy out after curfew, night after night?

This group home is privately operated, and supposedly operated at a cost of $20,000 a month. A cost borne by taxpayers, including the residents of this neighbourhood, who have been victimized numerous times by this perp.

What bothers me us these group homes are in every city, dozens of them across BC. Where is the responsibility of those operating them and putting locals at risk?

One more thing, this perp/user will be out of jail in a short time, and probably back at the same group home.
If he isn't back at that group home, he'll be in another. In your heighbourhood?

And another thing. The news story calls this a group home. Many in the neighbourhood consider it a half-way house, for just-released criminals. Which is what it appears to be.
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Re: Is There a Half-way House in your Neighbourhood?

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Placing a bad label on these people for helping stop crime in their neighborhood is disgusting I agree. They should be rewarded.
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