Close call at Juniper Ridge.

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Close call at Juniper Ridge.

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Delays miff many in Juniper
Some in Juniper Ridge are upset, feeling they were placed at risk last week when delays made it difficult to flee the subdivision as an aggressive wildfire threatened homes ... Valleyview

For those people that live in Juniper Ridge, did you not know there was only one road to access that developement?
Did you not look at the land below Juniper Ridge and see that it was covered with sage brush and pine and Douglas fir trees. As well, above and on either side is a forest of Douglas fir trees!

You were lucky that thunder shower hit when it did. The fire was moving pretty fast up the hill towards your homes.

In other words, your development is surrounded by a forest fire waiting to happen.

I also recall residents opposed to a second road a number of years ago. No doubt the same people opposed to a convenience store being built there.
Might cause young people to hang out, as well as hookers.
Yes, those were the concerns.

I moved to Kamloops twenty years ago and quickly dismissed Juniper Ridge as well as Barnhartvale as fire traps.

How many people live there, 1000, 2000, more? And only one road.

Yes, I agree, another access road is needed, but didn't any of you think before moving there?
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Re: Close call at Juniper Ridge.

Post by JagXKR » ... s-wildfire
The City of Kamloops says it will fast-track a new paved road to and from Juniper Ridge in the wake of significant delays evacuating properties in the mountaintop subdivision last week with wildfire threatening a number of homes.
Gridlock ensued in Juniper, according to many residents. Some said it took almost two hours to get down the hill to Valleyview.
Why use a big word when a diminutive one will suffice.

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