BC WildLife Park Inundated with Orphans

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BC WildLife Park Inundated with Orphans

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The BC Wildlife Park has a rehab and hospital facility for orphaned and injured animals.

During last week's heat spell it was inundated with young birds that were heat-stressed and had fallen out of their nests. Apparently the parents were having a difficult time just trying to survive on their own.
And for some strange reason many of these youngsters were Merlin hawks.

From their Facebook page:
A total of 35 merlins, 2 kestrels, 3 blue herons, 5 eaglettes, many California quail, 2 killdeers, 6 northern flickers, 5 nestling birds, and 2 red tail hawks have been admitted over the last week.

There have also been many other birds and animals brought in, with associated costs incurred due to the care of these animals. I believe they end up staying at the Park until they are old enough to be released. That could take weeks.

For these birds alone, the daily food cost is nearly $200.00! This cost doesn’t include the cost of laundry, the 2.5 full time staff per day to care for them, incubators, feeding syringes, etc. We are incredibly grateful for the 10 trained BC Wildlife Park volunteers who have assisted us in providing care for the abundance of wildlife in our care.


A friend of mine volunteers out there and asked me to put this up.

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