Things to think about this election

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Re: Things to think about this election

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i will think about BcLib guy giving support to covid hoax supporters ... candidate/
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Re: Things to think about this election

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Hurtlander wrote:
George Orwell 1984 wrote:As soon as David Suzuki signs on to protest/block construction my spidey senses are tingling and the credibility has gone out the window . Leave the engineering to engineers , they are onboard to solve the problems that arise with ALL instruction projects.

The engineers are on record stating that there’s no viable way that they know of to stabilise the dam.. the damn needs to be permanently anchored to something more stable than shale and clay. As much as I dislike Suzuki, he can’t be blamed for the previous government building a new dam in the worst possible location, nor can Suzuki be blamed for Horgan continuing the project.

Upon further review I find that SNC LAVALIN is responsible for engineering inner stability of the dam , that in itself is enough to make anyone worry .
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Re: Things to think about this election

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I guess we're going to be thinking of the NDP win. I know some of you are thrilled right now. :130:
Of course the Socreds, ressurrected in Liberal Sheep clothing are revelling in the Okanagan.
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