Wilkinson and Leadership?

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Re: Wilkinson and Leadership?

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The Libs won't be back until the NDP shoot themselves in the foot a few times, regardless who the liberal leader is.
It took three NDP premiers to resign over (9 years?)and bingo gate before they were left with two seats. Very well could be the same this time around to create a change. Regardless of the political stripe, I believe Horgan being a career politician will do his best to rid the party of any miscreants and could very well be around for a while.

I liked Wilkinson, however I thought he lacked the personality to be a leader. Being a lawyer and MD, more of an academic and I'm sure would have been terrific in a cabinet, but peter principle kicked in when he was elected leader.

Although it no longer affects me, I would like the province to dedicate areas in the province as working forests and keep it that way. When some special interest group or another starts jumping up and down that this is the last stand of 10" dbh old growth and has to be saved, the government should make it clear they should go away. This has happened in the central coast already.
This and create a more reactive stumpage system. One that reflects the price of lumber on a more real time basis, not 6 months ago basis.
In the meantime, I'll have another cup of tea.
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Re: Wilkinson and Leadership?

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Wow...who named Todd Stone as new leader of the Liberals?

He seems to have all the qualifications......
Super e mail deleter of sensitive government documents;
Despite advice from professionals and as highways minister, increased the speed limit on major highways, after getting several speeding tickets\
Addressing the Automotive Car Dealers(big contributors to the Liberals) at a luncheon, announced he was "giving" the ICBC automotive repair retaining facility located in Burnaby, and worth about 5 million dollars to the dealers.
Despite a video (YouTube) showing the speech and presentation, Liberal leader Andrew Wilkinson denied it happened.
Yeah, I think Todd would fill the position quite nicely!!
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Re: Wilkinson and Leadership?

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