Thank you, Carole

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Thank you, Carole

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After 30 years in politics, Carole James prepares for retirement — and boxing lessons

Carole James will be missed. Some of her many accomplishments while she worked for us:
Looking back on her career, James believes the school board gave her the best grounding in governance. One of her best experiences was saving the school strings program in the 1990s, then going to her granddaughter’s Christmas concert in 2016 to hear her play viola and clarinet. “The joy of seeing something you were involved in benefiting so many children years later is extraordinary.”

As a member of the opposition, James said, she learned that you can’t make a big ­difference, but you can make a difference. “We ended the clawback of child support for women on income assistance when we were in opposition, because we were focused and determined.”

Her most rewarding accomplishment in government was getting free tuition for former youth in care, she said. ... ng-lessons
I wish her well in her retirement - she earned it.
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Re: Thank you, Carole

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Whether I agreed with her or not, I always found her to be charming and direct. We could stand to have more like her in politics.
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